The International Arctic Year Gold Coin 2007

Gold coin International Polar Year 2007 5oz Russia

In this blog post, we present you the gold coin “The International Arctic Year” from 2007.

On the obverse of the gold coin of 2007 in the center there is the emblem of the Bank of Russia. Also it shows the two-headed eagle with wings down, below it – the semicircular inscription “БАНК РОССИИ” (BANK OF RUSSIA). This motif is framed by a circle of dots. The inscriptions along the rim places at the top: “ОДНА ТЫСЯЧА РУБЛЕЙ” (ONE THOUSAND RUBLES). Below: on the left, the details of the precious metal and its fineness can be seen. In the center is the year of issue “2007 г.” (2007), on the right the precious metal content and the mint mark can be seen.

The reverse of the 2007 coin features the icebreaker “Lenin” in the center, making its way through the ice, with a transport ship behind it. At the top of the rim, the inscription divided by a stylized map of the Arctic region: “МЕЖДУНАРОДНЫЙ ПОЛЯРНЫЙ ГОД” (THE INTERNATIONAL ARCTIC YEAR) was stamped.

Here are a few more sidefacts about this gold coin:

The artists of the gold coin are A.V. Baklanov, National Artist of Russia, A.D. Shablykin, E.V. Kramskaya, the sculptor: I.I. Kopytkin and the Moscow Mint (ММД).

The coin has a weight of 5 oz and a fineness of 999/1000.

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