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Our structured content in the Academy is tailored to beginners, advanced and professional collectors. Here you will find comprehensive guides from the basics to advanced techniques of modern numismatics.

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Our blogs offer insights into current developments, exciting collectibles and important events in the world of coins. Stay informed about what moves numismatics.

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Our coin lexicon explains technical terms, historical backgrounds and important concepts in numismatics. Here you will find comprehensive information to help you maintain your collection well-informed and prepared.

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Our FAQ section answers frequently asked questions about various aspects of modern numismatics and coin collecting. From practical tips to instructions for getting started as an investor in gold coins – you’ll get understandable answers here.

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Additive (*)

Our know-how content is primarily aimed at beginners, advanced users and everyone who likes to deal with modern collector coins or modern numismatics. It is important to emphasize that our texts do not claim to be scientific, historical or social/political complete. For a more comprehensive discussion of these aspects, we recommend appropriate specialist literature, which will enable you to obtain more detailed information depending on your area of ​​interest.

The examples mentioned are fundamentally based on our personal experiences and do not necessarily always have to be universally valid.

Please also note that the Euro/USD amounts mentioned in our texts reflect the status at the time of creation. The values ​​of individual coins may therefore have increased or decreased depending on the market situation.