Gold from Australia

Gold coins of the Perth Mint and RAM

Gold coins from Australia are minted by the Perth Mint and RAM (Royal Australia Mint).
Australian gold coins are highly sought after by investors, as well as collectors, due to their high gold content and various sizes.

Australian gold coins

Sizes and designs

Australian gold coins are produced to the highest purity and quality standards in a variety of weight options. The available sizes for Australian gold coins vary according to the market. There are offered from the regular size of 1 troy ounce of gold to the fractional sizes of:

  • 1/2 ounce
  • 1/4 ounce
  • 1/10 ounce and
  • 1/20 ounce everything offered.

Some Australian gold coins are available in larger sizes of:

  • 2 ounces
  • 5 ounces
  • 10 ounces and
  • 1 kilo available.

The most popular Australian coin designs in the world are the Kangaroo gold coin, the Koala gold coin and the Lunar series. Gold koalas are produced by the Perth Mint. The Kangaroo and Lunar series, on the other hand, are minted by the Perth Mint and the Royal Australian Mint.

RAM (Royal Australia Mint)

The Royal Australian Mint is the sole producer of all circulating coins in Australia. The Mint is located in Canberra, Australia’s federal capital. The mint was opened in 1965 and is a very popular destination for both visitors and locals.
Prior to the opening of the Australian Mint, coins were minted at the three branches of the British Royal Mint (Sydney Mint, Melbourne Mint and Perth Mint). The RAM is the first mint in Australia that is not a branch of the Royal Mint in London.

The Royal Australian Mint has minted over 15 billion coins since it opened.

These were bought, kept and collected by people all over Australia and of course the world. In doing so, the Royal Australian Mint produces three different types of coins to meet everyone’s needs and desires.

Circulation coins

These are coins used for daily cash transactions. They are made of base metals such as copper, aluminum and nickel.

Typically, circulation coins feature Australian wildlife motifs on the reverse (or an Aboriginal elder on the two-dollar coin). However, many commemorative coins are also issued to honor events, individuals, or organizations that have had an important and significant impact on Australian society.

Bullion coins

These coins are made from precious metals such as gold or silver and are a safe form of investment. Since these coins are produced in large quantities, they are also a relatively cheap and easy way to enter the gold and precious metals market.

Collector coins

Collector coins are legal tender in Australia, but are produced as gifts, souvenirs, or as collectibles. Since the needs and budgets are very different, these coins are produced in different designs and with a wide range of themes.
Very flexible, you can also choose one of the following variants:

  • Uncirculated
  • Frosted Uncirculated
  • Proof
  • Antique

Some gold coins from the Royal Australian Mint in our store:
Kangaroo at Sunset 2017 1 Oz Gold – Proof
1812 – A New World Map Terrestrial Dome Polished Plate 2018
1626 – A New World Map – Terrestrial Dome – 1 oz Gold Coin – 2018

Premium products

These coins are the most valuable products of the Royal Australian Mint. They are made of precious metals such as gold or silver in small editions and are true highlights for locals, as well as for collectors and premium investors worldwide.

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is the oldest mint in Australia, based in the city of Perth. In 1896, the foundation stone was laid by Sir John Forrest and in 1899, the company began operations as a division of the Royal Mint of London.

The Perth Mint operates its own goldsmithing and refining facility. It manufactures various products from precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. These include Sovereign coins, the Lunar series in gold and silver. But also the silver coin Kookaburra, platinum coin Koala and gold bars. Until 1970, the Perth Mint remained under British law. Thereafter, the Perth Mint became a legal part of the Government of Western Australia and is owned by the Gold Corporation, which is wholly owned by the government.

Some gold coins from the Perth Mint in our store, which we sell or have sold:
Ox Buffalo Lunar I 1997 Gold Australia
Lunar I Series Tiger 1998 1 oz Australia
Wedge-Tailed Eagle 1 oz 2014 PP Gold Australia
Winged Victory High Relief 2021 1 oz Gold
Dragon & Phoenix 2018 1 Oz
Dragon & Tiger 2019 1 Oz
Dragons 2020 1 Oz

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