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If possible, the investment of your assets should be safe, profitable and low fluctuation . Against this background, many people are considering the extent to which it makes sense to invest in gold. However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer here. Because there can be very different reasons for investing in gold . Particularly if you are not solely concerned with earning a high return, gold coins or other valuable coins could be an excellent addition within your financial portfolio.

Buying gold: This is why investing in gold coins is worthwhile

Contrary to popular belief, the value of gold is not stable over the long term . In fact, the price of gold has been subject to strong fluctuations in recent years . The increase in the value of gold was also lower than that of equities, for example. However, it is still a good idea to invest in gold coins. The reason is that gold is a safe investment of your assets, which you must always look at the long term. This is because there is no internal development in gold – instead, it is always demand that determines the price. However, this supposed disadvantage is at the same time a decisive advantage of gold coins. In addition, investing in gold coins offers you other benefits:

  • Gold has been considered one of the most important means of payment for thousands of years. It has lost none of its appeal to this day, which is why it retains its value even during a currency crash.
  • Although the price of gold fluctuates just like the price of stocks, this investment opportunity is safe. A company may disappear from the market – thus rendering your investment in its shares invalid.
  • Rare coins, as the name suggests, are extremely rare. As long as there are collectors looking for these specimens, they can profit from their value. In most cases, the following applies: The older the treasures are, the more sought-after they are. This makes gold coins a good hedge for their finances.
  • Gold is a globally limited precious metal. For this reason alone, it always retains a certain material value. If there is high demand, the demand can be met in the short term via recycling. In the long term , however, higher demand drives up the price of gold . At such a time, you may think about selling your gold coins , for example.
  • The price of an ounce (1oz) of gold or other measure often moves in the opposite direction to the stock market. Rare gold coins therefore help you to balance fluctuations in your portfolio.

In addition to these benefits, there is another reason to buy coins: the applicable taxes. A special feature under tax law is that the gold often remains tax-free . For example, the purchase of gold is exempt from VAT, which does not apply to other precious metals. At the same time, the proceeds also remain tax-free, should there be at least one year between the purchase of the coins and the sale of the gold coins. In the long term, this means you can profitably sell your gold coins at a time of high demand . In this way, it is still possible to record a financial profit – even if there is no regular return.

Investment and circulation gold coins: These types of coins are

Rare gold coins can be divided into two categories: The circulation gold coins and the investment gold coins.

Circulation gold coins

These are rare coins that were used as regular currency in the past. The peculiarity is that you can buy circulation gold coins relatively easily, as they are available in large quantities. For many collectors, however, gold coins are not only a financial investment, but a living piece of history. After all, they served as a real means of payment for a long time. Some rare gold coins survived the years, bad times and even wars. The most important circulation coins include the Swiss Vreneli, the Sovereign, the Eagle, but also Italian gold coins and various gold coins from Russia.

Investment gold coins

The so-called bullion coins are gold coins that serve exclusively as an investment. They were minted purely for investment purposes and are still very popular today. The best-known example among them is the South African Krugerrand, which appeared in 1967. Later, other coins from Canada, the USA and many other countries were added. The main difference between the specimens is their gold content. Some rare coins are 99.99 percent fine gold, which makes them noticeably more fragile. Scratches and scuffs occur particularly quickly and destroy the overall appearance and reduce the value of the gold coin. The situation is different with the Krugerrand from 1969, for example. Here, a gold alloy with added copper was used, which makes the gold coin much more robust.

Therefore, if you want to determine the value of gold coins, you should pay attention to the various features of your bullion coin. Annually changing motifs, such as the 1982 1 Oz Panda, are a special investment opportunity that often comes with surcharges. It therefore makes sense to have your coins appraised. We at RareCoin are here to assist you – whether you consider gold coins as a monetary investment or your coins have sentimental value to you as well.

Investment coins (Bullion Coins) at a glance

Are you considering gold coins as an investment? In fact, even buying one ounce (1 Oz) of gold is an excellent investment. This is because the precious metal protects your wealth over the long term. Whether you prefer to invest in gold coins or gold bars is generally up to you. However, if you decide to use gold coins as an investment , you should ideally opt for coins that are as valuable as possible .


This gold coin was first minted in 1967. It originates from South Africa and is considered the most famous and widespread gold bullion coin in the world. Compared to other coins, this one lacks the imprinted face value. But despite the lack of a value indication, the Krugerrand gold coin is legal tender in its home country. But the 1969 Krugerrand is also an excellent investment opportunity for your assets. You can get the coin in different sizes: Common is one ounce (1 Oz), but you can also buy the gold coin in other sizes.

Maple Leaf

In addition to the Krugerrand (1969), the Canadian Maple Leaf is also a particularly sought-after bullion coin. It features a portrait of the Queen on one side, and the leaf of the sugar maple on the other side of the coin. It is characterized by its high gold content . Alternatively, you can buy the Maple Leaf in silver, platinum or palladium.

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Vienna Philharmonic
is one of the highest circulation coins in Europe. The popular coin originated in Austria and is made of pure gold. Since 2002, the coinage has also had a nominal value in euros – in addition to the original value in shillings. Along with the Krugerrand and the Maple Leaf, this coin is currently one of the most important investment gold coins.

Australian Kangaroo

This Australian gold coin is famous for its changing designs and was formerly known as the
Australian Nugget
known. It presents the head of state Queen Elizabeth II and a kangaroo that is redesigned every year.

By the way:
Australia’s most valuable coin is also the largest gold coin in the world: It has a fine weight of no less than one ton and was minted in Perth Mint in 2012.

Panda 1982 1 Oz

The “China Panda comes, as the name suggests, from China and inspires collectors especially by its constantly changing motif. The fact that the bullion coin enjoys great popularity is mainly due to its visual beauty. However, the panda has changed in its modern form: Since 2016, you no longer get newer coins in an ounce denomination. Instead, the standard coin now weighs a smooth 30 grams. Although this coin is perhaps less well known than the Krugerrand gold, it has a very high collector value. Therefore, if you own older specimens, it can not hurt to have the value of gold coins determined.

American Buffalo

The first bullion coin from the USA is the American Buffalo. It is made of 24 karat gold, making it purer than the American Gold Eagle. This is made of alloy and has only 22 carats. The buffalo depicted on the reverse is the namesake of this valuable gold coin.

(Old) gold coins for sale online: This is what matters

If you want to buy gold coins for sale, you are definitely in the right place here at RareCoin. Our qualified team of experts will be happy to advise you on all aspects of buying or selling coins. In general, there are a few points here that you should definitely pay attention to:

  • Especially easy to sell are the common bullion coins. These include the Krugerrand gold, but also some Russian gold coins.
  • The purchase prices for gold and silver coins can vary greatly depending on the time of sale. The reason for this is that the information is updated several times a minute. That’s why it’s worth subjecting your gold coins to multiple price comparisons.
  • For security reasons, you should consider carefully to whom you sell your old gold coins. It is important to rely on a certified expert. With him you will not only get the best prices, but you will be able to sell old gold coins both safely and easily.
  • Check in advance if your gold coins are possibly damaged, as only bankable gold and silver coins can be easily sold via online store.
  • Tip: Coins that are no longer tradable can almost always be sold as scrap gold.
  • Of course, it is just as important whether you want to sell your gold coins online or in person. It’s a matter of preference and your current situation. If there is a retail store nearby, you have the option of having the value of the gold coins determined on the spot. However, it brings just as many advantages to sell gold or silver coins in the store – online. Probably one of the most important points is that a price comparison is particularly easy here.
  • In our online store you can find not only gold coins, but also silver coins, for example. This is because coins made from other precious metals can also have a high value under certain circumstances. Unsure if it’s worth selling your old coins? Then you should definitely have them valued by an expert.

Determine the value of gold coins

It is always a good idea to have the value of gold coins determined. Whether you want to buy coins, sell them or keep them as collectors’ items . After all, it is important not only for you but also for your insurance company to know the value of your investments.

An important clue to be able to determine the value of your coins is the following question: Where do the gold coins originally come from? If you got hold of the coins yourself, it is likely that your travel souvenirs – from Russia or other parts of the world – will be worth little. The reason for this may be, for example, damage such as scratches or dents. Therefore, it is always useful to pay attention to the origin of the capital good. Coin collectors are also a good starting point for this: If a passionate collector sells you a Krugerrand 1 Oz, it is usually a good investment. Even a coin unknown to you can be very valuable.

How to determine the value of your coin collection

You have examined your coins and found that your 50 pesos gold or 50 rubles gold from Russia are in pristine condition? Then you can start with an initial assessment. Of course, you can always turn to an expert for such a valuation of your gold coins. Nevertheless, you can already get first clues via common search engines like Google . To do this, enter all the information you find on your gold coins in the search box. The result is usually a long list of hits as well as initial clues. Many of these will be sale prices that you can get when selling privately. Alternatively, they can consult online auction houses like eBay.

However, you will get much more reliable results if you take a coin catalog or a trade journal in hand. Also, a non-binding request to the expert is always a good idea. Many coins appear very similar or even identical at first glance. A professional will be able to tell you right away whether you actually have valuable gold coins in your hands or not. For this reason, the assessment by an expert is always the best choice.

What does the value of your gold coins depend on?

Determining the value of coins is a very complex subject and requires a lot of expertise. There are numerous criteria that influence the price. Therefore, it is hardly possible to make a blanket statement. It is much more important to fully review the comprehensive key data. This includes:

  • How rare are your gold coins? The rarity results from the edition.
  • How old are the coins?
  • Are your coins in pristine condition or damaged in some way?
  • What is the current demand from potential collectors?

The expert answers these questions in the current context. For it is possible that a coin had an immensely high circulation. However, if today only a few coins are left, the value of gold coins is high, despite the large circulation. One reason for such a decimation of once common coins may be wars or other events. Researching such specifics is often a challenge for non-experts. In addition, it is the combination of different factors that determines the ultimate value of gold coins.

Determining value: Best to ask the expert

First, you can do your own research and try to determine the value of your gold coins through Google. This online research can serve as an initial guide. However, if you want a reliable and technically sound result, then you should definitely consult an expert. It will help you to assess the exact state of preservation and determine the actual value of your gold coins . It does not matter which coin you want to sell. A sound expert opinion is always an advantage. Finally, ideally, you also don’t rely on uncertain sources when you want to invest in rare coins. The same applies if you want to sell your own coins.

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