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While gold, silver and platinum were already known to the ancient Egyptians, it was not until 1803 that the precious metal palladium was discovered . By chance, the British chemist W.H. Wollaston came across the high-quality platinum metal and named it after Pallas Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom.

Palladium coins for collectors and as an investment

Although palladium is one of the most important precious metals on the global commodities market, it has never gained as much acceptance as platinum, silver and gold as an investment. This may be due in part to the high investment risk of the rare metal. In the period from 1998 to 2005 alone, the price of palladium fluctuated between US$250 and US$1100 per ounce (31.11 grams). In addition, almost 90 percent of the approximately 200 tons per year are produced in Russia. The shiny silver-white palladium is thus always subject to the economic conditions in the mines there.

Palladium coins are especially rare. In terms of the global coin market, palladium coins account for only a negligible share. The respective editions are small, the minting technique “polished plate” all the more high-quality. In principle, coins made of the classic industrial metal are therefore among the most valuable coins. If you want to buy rare coins as a coin collector, palladium coins from Russia or China are therefore a worthwhile investment as a long-term investment.

Buy palladium coins: Use palladium as an investment tool

At an estimated 95 percent, almost all global palladium production goes to industry . From medical technology to jewelry design to the electronics industry, there is a need for palladium in numerous industries. Car manufacturers in particular are very interested: They use palladium for catalytic converters and as a storage material for hydrogen cars. In this respect, demand for palladium depends primarily on technological and economic developments.

So far, not many countries have had palladium coins minted. In its online coin shop, RareCoin offers you a large selection of valuable commemorative and bullion coins made of palladium . Their fineness of 999.5 is in a very high range, the scratch-resistant material guarantees a long-term first-class quality.

Palladium coins are interesting for both first-time investors and experienced precious metal investors. It is true that due to the small market, the price of palladium per ounce (1 Oz) can rise as well as fall within a short period of time. However, high returns always require a certain willingness to take risks.

Gold vs. Palladium: How do the precious metals differ?

Why are gold coins so well known and popular, while only real connoisseurs invest in coins made of palladium? If you have your coins appraised, you will see that valuable coins are minted from both precious metals . Nevertheless, there are several differences between gold and palladium:

  • Gold has exerted an enormous attraction on people since its discovery around 5000 years before Christ. In the case of palladium, some 220 years after Wollaston came across the rare metal, this general fascination has so far failed to materialize. The chemical element only caused a stir in 2010 when its suitability as an automotive catalyst became known.
  • Occurrence and mining also differ greatly. Gold mines exist all over the world. At 2500 to 3000 tons per year, production of the precious metal is about twelve to fifteen times that of palladium.
  • Palladium captivates above all by its bright, matte coloration, gold above all by its
  • Both precious metals convince with a high fine value. However, palladium weighs less than gold and has a lower density.
  • What price you can get by selling gold or palladium depends largely on the current market. In 2008, gold was more expensive than palladium; ten years later, the tables were turned.

By the way, gold and palladium share one thing in common: together they form the popular white gold alloy.

Palladium coins: what are the palladium coins?

The very first palladium coins were minted in 1966. One year later , West African Sierra Leone was followed by the South Pacific island nation of Tonga . In both cases, these are commemorative coins. But also in the following years, with few exceptions, the coin metal was used exclusively for investment or commemorative coins.

In the meantime, other nations have had rare coins minted from palladium. Of course, we also have selected pieces in our repertoire. So you can even buy from us one of the rare palladium coins, the Isle of Man (1 Oz). This commemorates the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Among the palladium coins from Russia, the “Ballerina” enjoys particular popularity among investors. Another assortment of valuable palladium coins comes from Portugal.

When the price of palladium rose to US$1,100 per troy ounce in 2001, no more palladium coins were minted at first. Some rare coins were even melted down. Until 2005, a total of only 56 designs on a total of 75 palladium coin series saw the light of day. It was not until 2005 that China brought about another turnaround with its palladium bullion coin, the “China Panda,” and Canada followed with a palladium version of its Maple Leaf. Other palladium coins come from the Cook Islands, the USA, Switzerland, France, Bermuda, Australia and Samoa.

Good to know: Palladium coins are available with a fine weight of one-fifth of an ounce to two ounces. The editions are limited to 10,000 pieces.

Sell palladium profitably: These factors determine the price of the precious metal

To determine the value of palladium coins, first of all, it is worthwhile to look at the stock market. The precious metal is traded in US dollars and therefore also depends on its strength. Another factor is supply and demand, which fluctuate greatly for rare coins. In order to be able to sell your coin collection profitably , you have to wait for a suitable time . Also take into account that when you buy palladium coins/palladium bars, just like when you buy platinum coins, you have to pay a 19% VAT. On the other hand, the profit from the sale of palladium coins is tax-free after one year.

Palladium: Get coin value estimated and price determined

Before you sell your coins online , you should have their coin value determined . As a renowned online store, we at RareCoin also perform authenticity checks upon request:

  • During the so-called visual inspection , our experts first take a close look at the edge and the minting of your coin. By comparison with reference coins, obvious counterfeits can already be identified. But even genuine coins must be tradable They must not be damaged or deformed, nor reddish discoloration (copper alloy).
  • Since the weight, size and thickness of common coins are officially defined, Archimedes’ principle can be used to determine their authenticity: In “dip weighing,” coins are immersed in water and the displacement is measured.
  • If uncertainties persist, magnetic balances and ultrasonic measuring devices help to determine the physical properties of individual chemical elements.

Buy and sell palladium coins – of course at RareCoin

RareCoin is a reliable and experienced online store for rare coins. We offer investors and collectors a wide range of historical and unique coins made of palladium and other precious metals. Regardless of whether you want to buy valuable palladium coins , sell your coin collection or have the coin value determined : We offer you telephone advice as well as video calls . In addition to the sale and purchase of coins, we are also available for all other concerns related to numismatics.

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