The realization of a dream – The RareCoin Team

We welcome you to our site. Who are we?

RareCoin.Store is part of TriaPrima GmbH. One of the two managing directors of TriaPrima GmbH and responsible for RareCoin is Dirk Wasserthal.

Dirk Wasserthal brings extensive experience in finance and IT, having founded several companies in these areas over the past three decades. During his successful career he has worked with major companies in the banking and financial services industry.

His great passion is precious metals, especially rare coins, especially those made of gold. He has been an avid collector for over 20 years, driven by his fascination with rarities. Combining this passion with his strong entrepreneurial spirit, he founded RareCoin to offer his clients the best possible support and leverage his extensive international network.

RareCoin represents the realization of Dirk’s childhood dream and evokes Indiana Jones’ spirit of adventure and the search for rare treasures. Now he uses his knowledge and skills in a different way, helping his customers acquire the gold coins they are looking for. RareCoin specializes in modern numismatic coins, specifically from Africa, South Africa, USA, South America, Asia, Australia/Pacific, etc.

Dirk Wasserthal is supported by an exceptional team of experts with a focus on sales, social media and coin trading/precious metals. Together they work tirelessly to source elusive coins for customers around the world. RareCoin.Store team’s network spans countries like USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, former CIS countries, Dubai, Japan, China and Australia.

If you have specific requirements or are just interested in exploring the impressive collection of coins available, please feel free to contact us. Tell us the coins you are looking for and most likely we will find them. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with access to the beautiful coins currently presented in our online store.

Please note that we do not store coins in our office for security reasons.

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