The realization of a dream – The Wasserthal RareCoin.Store Team

RareCoin.Store – The shop of modern numismatics

Wasserthal RareCoin.Store is a proud part of TriaPrima GmbH, which is led by the visionary managing director and initiator Dirk Wasserthal and the co-owner Larissa Wasserthal. The store is supported not only by both managing directors, but also by an international team of IT developers, content creators, web designers as well as partners and coin enthusiasts with extensive specialist knowledge. Our connection extends across a large network to provide you with first-class coins and collectibles services.

Dirk Wasserthal: An entrepreneur with experience

Dirk Wasserthal brings extensive experience in the areas of finance and IT. Over the last three decades, he has founded several companies in these industries. His successful career includes working with leading companies in the banking and financial services industries.

Passion for precious metals

Dirk’s passion is precious metals, especially rare gold coins. As an enthusiastic collector, he has combined this passion with his entrepreneurial spirit for over 25 years. RareCoin.Store was created to optimally support customers and leverage its extensive international network.

Childhood dreams come true

Wasserthal RareCoin.Store is the realization of Dirk’s childhood dream and is reminiscent of the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones in search of rare treasures. Now he uses his knowledge and skills to help customers find sought-after gold coins.

Specializing in modern numismatic coins

The Wasserthal RareCoin.Store team specializes in modern numismatic coins, particularly from Africa, South Africa, the USA, South America, Asia and Australia/Pacific.

An exceptional team of experts

Dirk Wasserthal is supported by an exceptional team of experts focused on sales, social media and coin trading/precious metals. Together, they work tirelessly to source elusive coins for customers worldwide.

An international network

RareCoin.Store team’s network spans countries like USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, former CIS countries, Dubai, Japan, China and Australia.

Your access to impressive coins

If you have specific requirements or are just interested in exploring the impressive collection of coins available, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with access to the beautiful coins currently presented in our online store.

Please note: For security reasons, we do not store coins in our office.

Larissa Wasserthal – The dream world of education

When Larissa Wasserthal was still a child, she began dreaming of a future in education. This dream, characterized by a passion for imparting knowledge and personal development, accompanied her throughout her entire academic career until she graduated from university.

The beginning of a journey as a corporate trainer

Immediately after graduating from university, Larissa put her dream into action and started her journey as a corporate trainer. She supervised hundreds of participants on their path to new knowledge and skills.

Expert role at universities and private colleges

Over time, Larissa continuously expanded her expertise and took on teaching positions at several universities and private colleges in the Rhine-Main area. Her range of topics covered a wide range: from “Transformation in the Global Environment” to “Positive Leadership” to “International Business Management” and “Sustainable Leadership.” In every lecture and seminar she expressed her passion for education and knowledge transfer.

Numismatics as a new passion

At the beginning of 2020, Larissa found herself in the fascinating world of numismatic treasures. As a team member of the management team at RareCoin.Store, she was able to contribute her expertise in the area of ​​international business development. She is still living her childhood dream by caring for the RareCoin.Store Academy with full dedication.

The RareCoin.Store Academy: A dream becomes reality

In her role, Larissa develops not only compact courses, but also blogs on the most popular and sought-after topics among coin collectors in modern numismatics. These courses have already attracted worldwide attention thanks to their uniqueness. Larissa, who speaks German and English, will be happy to advise you and support you with any questions you may have about the diverse aspects of modern numismatics. For her, it’s not just a job – it’s the realization of a long-held dream.

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