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Welcome to the Compact Course: Modern Coins from the USA!

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of U.S. numismatics with this comprehensive course designed specifically for collectors and investors. To give you a clear overview, let’s now take a detailed look at the key topics that await you in this course:

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Modern US collector coins :

  • Analyze contemporary coins for collectors.
  • Investigate commemorative coins that honor historical events or figures.
  • Learn how to assess collector value and rarity.
  • Investigate modern, limited editions and special coinages.
  • Assess collectible value and track market trends.

US mints :

  • Learn more about the different mints in the USA.

US Mint Coin Releases :

  • Get an overview of current and upcoming coin releases from the U.S. Mint .
  • Develop strategies for acquiring new releases.

US Numismatic Societies and Professional Coin Grading Services :

  • Get to know important US numismatic societies.
  • Get an insight into the features of coin certification services like NGC and PCGS and learn what CAC Crossover means.

The Importance of Coin Certification :

  • Discover the key role of coin certification in the collecting universe and learn how it paves the way to successfully building valuable coin collections.

US coin fairs / coin shows :

  • Get information about national coin events and fairs.
  • Discover the benefits of participation for collectors and investors.

Modern American coin series:

  • Deepen your understanding of ongoing coin series.
  • Identify key coinages and collectible designs.

Limited Modern US Coins :

  • Get an overview of limited editions and their influence on collector value.
  • Learn tips for purchasing limited edition coins.

Glossary of US Coin Terms:

  • Blank, Bullion, Face Value, Hairlines, Slab and many more – what do these terms mean?

Frequently Asked Questions about US gold collector coins and our answers:

  • Meaning of “E Pluribus Unum” on US coins
  • First Spouse Series and its special features
  • Use of the “In God We Trust” motif
  • and much more

We hope this course has deepened your passion for numismatic treasures. Whether you are an avid collector or an aspiring investor, the world of U.S. coins offers an endless wealth of fascinating discoveries. Thank you for taking this course and may your journey through the world of coins continue to be exciting and fulfilling!

Additive (*)

Our Academy content is aimed primarily at beginners, advanced users and generally anyone who has a deeper interest in modern collector coins or contemporary numismatics. It is important to emphasize that our texts do not claim to be scientific, historical or social/politically comprehensive. For a more in-depth look at these aspects, we expressly recommend using appropriate specialist literature to obtain more detailed information based on your specific area of ​​interest.

The examples given are fundamentally based on our personal experiences and should not necessarily be viewed as universally valid.

We would also like to point out that the Euro/USD amounts stated in our texts reflect the status at the time of creation. As a result, the values ​​of individual coins may have increased or decreased depending on the market situation.

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Buying gold coins for beginners

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