Gold: investment opportunities, history and more about the most popular precious metal
Gold is an excellent investment opportunity. It does not matter whether you invest in a gold share or decide to buy 1 ounce of physical gold – for example in the form of gold coins. Of course, you also have the option to buy complete gold bars and store them in your home safe. However, investment in gold coins is the form of investment that currently enjoys by far the greatest popularity. This also applies to commemorative coins and commemorative coins with around 24 carat gold.

Good to know: Investing one’s assets not only in financial products but also in tangible assets is also the basic principle of the three-spoke rule. This age-old investment strategy is still a valuable guide to financial independence.
Gold: properties and features
Gold is a precious metal that has captivated people for several centuries. Unlike other metals, it can be machined well and does not corrode. At the same time, gold is insensitive to hydrochloric and sulfuric acid. Therefore, the material is ideal for industry and for the manufacture of jewelry. Here it is mostly used in the form of alloys (such as 333 gold or 375 gold).

Apart from its beautiful appearance, gold also has an important social significance. The reason for this is that gold is considered to be largely inflation-proof . Especially in times of crisis, this circumstance becomes noticeable through the rising price. However, it is also a natural raw material that is not infinitely available. The deposit under the earth’s surface is limited, which is why only a certain amount of gold is in circulation. Even by recycling old gold stocks, only a conditional demand can be met. Therefore, increased buying interest always results in a rising gold price. Before investing, it is therefore worthwhile to take a look at the current development of the gold price. This is usually given in dollars, but sometimes also in euros.
Gold coins as a long-term investment – That’s why it pays to invest in gold
Unlike investing in stocks, buying gold is not a way to maximize profits quickly . Instead, collectibles such as the gold China Panda from 1982 (1 Oz) or the Krugerrand gold coinsfrom South Africa serve more as a long-term investment. They do not yield a high annual return and do not distribute profits either. Rather, it is the price of gold that evolves over the years and can lead to revenue.

Nevertheless, investing in gold is a proven investment strategy in the context of asset management: after all, when it comes to personal finances, the best possible risk diversification is essential. In times when stocks are steadily losing value, your gold investment can offset that loss. One of the reasons for this is that stock prices and the price of gold normally move in opposite directions. So by buying gold coins you are always on the safe side.

Important: Although gold coins from China, Russia or other regions of the world are an excellent investment, caution is advised. It is a long-term investment, not a means to increase profits in the short term. Instead of investing all your assets in gold, you should only invest about 10 percent in precious metals. It is best to rely on gold coins or smaller gold bars. For example, 100 g of gold in bar form is perfect if you want to sell your gold at a later date. You can buy gold at the bank , among other places or at a local gold dealer.
Buy gold coins or gold bars: In what form can you buy gold?
Depending on how much money you are willing to spend, there are several options available when buying gold:

Gold coins: The value of coins such as the Krugerrand gold coin does not always develop as the current gold price initially suggests. Even if a price comparison suggests a falling gold rate, coins made of gold occupy a special position. After all, the price of gold coins is not only a result of the price of gold itself. Rather, the collector’s value also plays a central role here Thus, many coins are minted only in very small numbers and therefore often have a high rarity value. For this reason, especially rare and beautiful coins like the China Panda (1982, 1 Oz) made of gold are very valuable.
Gold jewelry: buying jewelry made of gold is also a possible form of investment. However, only if you buy really high quality and unique jewelry. Keep in mind that these are mostly gold alloys. This makes the jewelry less valuable than pure gold in many cases. Only from a 375 alloy one speaks of real gold jewelry. More common, on the other hand, is jewelry made of 333 gold or rose gold.
Bullion: Gold bullion is a great option when you are ready to invest larger sums in gold. In this context, the question often arises as to how much a gold bar is actually worth. There is no blanket answer to this. Because – just like gold coins from Australia, America or other parts of the world – the value of a gold bar depends on different factors. However, their price, compared with the coins, as a rule, is much lower. This is due to the fact that there is no cost for embossing. Although bars are cheaper than gold coins in terms of mass, they also bring disadvantages. This includes the fact that you cannot simply sell a 100 g piece of your gold bar without damaging it. This would cause it to lose value. That is why many investors tend to choose to buy coins.
Shares and securities: Another option is to invest in a gold share. With such shares you invest in the gold price development, not in gold per se. Strictly speaking, this investment opportunity therefore falls into a different sub-area of the three-spoke rule, as it no longer involves tangible assets.

Precious unique pieces with collector’s value – buy rare gold coins (online)
It is true that the price of 1 gram of gold can be quickly found out. Nevertheless, the price comparison of gold coins is often not so simple. Because their collector value is not as easy to determine as the pure gold price. For this reason, from an investment perspective, it is often best to invest in popular and well-known coins, such as the following specimens. This way, you as an investor are always on the safe side.
Krugerrand gold coins
The Krugerrand is the most famous gold coin from South Africa and one of the most popular gold coins in the world. The coin is usually made of 22 carat gold and is always in demand when buying gold. A particularly popular specimen is the Krugerrand 1 Oz 2022 Proof SA Mint. The South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE for short) has graded and certified the coins up to and including 1991.
Maple Leaf
The well-known Canadian gold coin is a so-called bullion coin, which means that it is issued specifically for investors. Its motif side adorns the maple leaf, from where this coin gets its name. For example, you can get the gold coin from Canada with a gold content of 24 carats. Although the motif side has less exciting variations to offer than, for example, some rare gold coins from Russia, it is nevertheless one of the absolute favorites among coin collectors.
The kangaroo gold coin from Australia
The “Nugget” or the “Kangaroo” belongs to the Australian gold coins with the highest circulation. At the same time it is a popular bullion coin with high collector value. The name “Nugget” comes from the time when the search for gold nuggets was in full swing in Australia. Today, on the other hand, the back is adorned with one of Australia’s most famous landmarks: the kangaroo.
The China Panda (made of gold)
The China Panda Gold has been minted by the China Mint since 1982. It is particularly popular, also because of its annually changing panda motifs and the various sky temples. For several years now, the Panda has been one of the top collector coins par excellence. However, there is a peculiarity in the gold coins from China: their weight sometimes differs from the standard. However, this circumstance is rarely noticeable when buying coins or buying gold. Instead, it is the particular panda motif that increases the value.

If you buy gold coins privately, you should first check the coins for authenticity. This works for example with a GoldScreenBox or the Goldanalytix GoldScreenCard. These devices will provide you with initial clues to determine the value of your coin collection. However, if in doubt, you should always consult an expert. This is the only way to ensure that you do not sell your coins below their actual value.
The gold price trend: important indicator for buying and selling gold coins
Before you invest in gold, be sure to study the gold price trend. The gold price has currently reached its peak . However, this is less due to the scarce availability of gold than to the uncertain global situation. This fact is noticeable both when buying gold and when you want to sell your gold. That is why they get higher amounts for your gold in gold and silver stores today than they did a few years ago. This situation was favored not least by the Corona pandemic, but also by the geopolitical situation and steady inflation. In the case of gold coins, it is additionally the rarity that influences the price. Demand for rarely minted coins can drive up the price dramatically. Therefore, it is always a combination of buying interest and the current economic and social situation that influences the price of gold.
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