Swiss trade investment precious metals on

Swiss trade investment precious metals on

While the help of experts such as rarecoin can be useful for collector coins, investors can simply trade investment precious metals such as gold bars or investment coins directly with one another. Since investment precious metals are based directly on the stock exchange price, no specialist knowledge is required. the Swiss trading platform

In Switzerland, investors have the opportunity to trade precious metals such as gold and silver directly with each other via a specialized trading platform. This platform was created by the young company, the name is an acronym and stands for “Precious Metals Second Hand”. Since the prices of investment precious metals depend primarily on the precious metal price on the stock exchanges, no specialist knowledge is required to determine the price. The need for a specialized precious metals trading platform like arose from the high commissions that banks and other second-hand platforms charge, because ultimately the difference between the purchase price and sales price of capital goods should be as small as possible. is currently a purely Swiss platform and only allows people residing in Switzerland to use it.

Sell ​​Krugerrands in Switzerland

A classic investment coin is the Krugerrand. This coin is sold by Swiss banks at a premium of around 7.5%. The commission at PreMeSec is only 1.8% in the price range of a Krugerrand, i.e. less than a quarter.

Goldvreneli, the Swiss coin

The most famous Swiss coin is the Goldvreneli. The gold coin with a value of 20 Swiss francs was produced almost 60 million times, which is why, with the exception of a few very rare vintages or special mismintings, the coin is not considered a collector’s coin, but rather an investment coin. It is found in almost every Swiss household, mostly almost forgotten in a drawer or box.

Since banks charge a spread of 15% for a Goldvreneli, it is worth selling Goldvreneli via , as the commission here is only 5%.

Trade gold and silver bars

In addition to coins, you can of course also trade bars on Trading between investors in silver bars is particularly attractive because banks and dealers have to charge VAT, but private individuals do not. In addition to the spread that the bank charges for silver bars, there is also the VAT, so the two to three percent commission that you pay on the platform is almost ridiculously small.

Security when trading precious metals

Precisely because security is an important issue for many investors, a new platform specifically for precious metals was needed. The Internet today offers many second-hand platforms, for example as part of social media, classified ads or auction platforms. However, the commission fees are either very high and therefore uninteresting for precious metals, or no commissions are charged, but the user’s data is sold, or there are hardly any security measures in place to protect the investor.

At, small commissions commensurate with precious metals are charged and security is very important. Users can only use the platform after registering with their telephone number and ID and after their data has been checked by PreMeSec employees.

Conclusion has developed a convincing concept for investment precious metals, even if it is only offered to residents of Switzerland.

About the author

David Leander is a software engineer and has completed a postgraduate degree in business administration. He has been active in the precious metals sector in Switzerland for several years and founded PeMeSec in 2021. As a young entrepreneur, he tries to minimize the challenges faced by investors by using modern technologies.

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