Bear gold coins 1993 set of 4

Gold coin bear set of 4 1993 Russia

Do you already know our newest coin set of 4 coins “Russia Bear Brown Bear 1993 Set of 4 Gold Coins”?

This set of 4 gold coins was produced in 1993. This set consists of a 200 ruble, 100 ruble, 50 ruble and 25 ruble coin. The set is part of the “Protect Our World” series and is intended to draw attention to animal species threatened with extinction. These gold coins were minted in Proof (PP) quality. A numbered certificate is also included for each coin.

The nominal values of the respective coins are: 200 rubles (RUB), 100 rubles, 50 rubles, 25 rubles. The fineness of the respective gold coins is 999/1000.

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