FAQ RareCoin – Rewards Program


1. what is the RareCoinRewards program and how can I sign up for it?

The RareCoin Rewards program was introduced to enhance your shopping experience and ensure that you receive exclusive offers and news relevant to you. Every time you make a purchase, you earn points (1 euro = 1 point) and over time you advance to higher levels that offer you even more exclusive benefits.

Once you have made a purchase with us, the Rewards Program is automatically activated for you. This means you start earning for your Rewards program from your first purchase.

2) How many levels are there in the RareCoin Rewards program?

The Rare Coin Rewards program has 13 levels.

3. what are the advantages of the program?

Depending on the level you reach, after 12 months you will receive a reward according to the RareCoin Rewards table for your loyalty. You can find this table in My RareCoins and in the current terms and conditions.

4. how do I collect points?

You can earn points with purchases on www.rarecoin.de.

5. Can I earn points on all my purchases?

You can earn points and advance in levels when you buy all products on www.rarecoin.de.

6. how long does it take for the points to appear on my account?

Your points will be credited to you as soon as the goods have been marked as paid and shipped by us.

7. how can I check the number of points I have already collected?

If you would like to check the number of points you have, please log into your account online. Your current balance will be visible after your first purchase.

8. how long are my points valid?

Your achieved level is valid for 1 year. After that, you have 3 months to claim your reward and your account balance will be reset. Your benefits are based on the number of points you have earned in the current year.

9. what if I forget to log in to my account while shopping online or in a store – can I still get my points?

If you forget to log in to your account when making a purchase, no points will be credited to your account for that purchase.

10. what happens to my points if my order is partially or fully cancelled or returned?

If an order is partially or fully canceled or returned, the number of points credited based on that order will be deducted from your account balance.


Level up/down

1. how long does it take for me to level up?

Once you have spent the required amount, you will advance to the level corresponding to the amount you have spent on the same day.

Manage your account

2. how can I manage my account?

Please log in to your RareCoin account online to manage it.

3. the information in my account is incorrect. How can I update it?

Please log into your RareCoin account online to change your details and select “Account Details” and then “Save Changes”.


Other frequently asked questions

1. can several people share one account?

A RareCoin account can only be used by one person at a time.

2. How can I terminate my participation in the RareCoin Rewards program?

If you wish to close your account, please contact our customer service at [email protected].

3. does TriaPrima GmbH pass on any of my personal data to third parties?

TriaPrima GmbH as the provider of the RareCoin Shop does not pass on any further data to third parties within the scope of this program beyond the points mentioned in the conditions of participation, the data protection declaration and the general terms and conditions.

4. is my personal data secure?

The data you entrusted us with when you registered will be stored and used in accordance with our privacy policy and GTC.



RareCoin Rewards Terms and Conditions

The RareCoin Rewards customer loyalty program (“RareCoin Rewards”) rewards the loyalty of its participants as customers. Through RareCoin Rewards, the possibility of collecting and redeeming points is offered.

The operator and publisher of RareCoin Rewards is TriaPrima GmbH.

Some terms and conditions apply to earning points and redeeming rewards and to the general operation of RareCoin Rewards, which are summarized here. Special regulations may also result from further program information (e.g. website, customer account, newsletter).

We may be obliged to identify our contractual partner and any beneficial owner in certain cases due to statutory provisions (in particular the Money Laundering Act, German Fiscal Code). In this case, you are legally obligated to cooperate, in particular to present official identification documents and any other necessary information and documents. Any changes arising in the course of the business relationship must be notified immediately. Regardless of legal regulations, we generally reserve the right to check the identity of our customers for security reasons.

1 Participation

1.1 Only individual natural persons who have reached the age of eighteen and are resident in Germany are eligible to participate. The actual physical center of the participant’s life (primary residence, e.g. main home) is considered to be the place of residence. Personal and residence details must be provided correctly and truthfully, and proof of these details must be provided to the operator upon request.

1.2 There is no legal claim to admission to the RareCoin Rewards Program. The operator may refuse admission to participation in RareCoin Rewards without giving reasons.

1.3 Participation begins when a customer registers for the loyalty program on our website rarecoin.de Re-registration to open another personal points account is not permitted, i.e. only one account may be opened and maintained per natural person.

2 Points and rewards & redeeming the rewards

2.1 The computational basis of Rare Coin Rewards are points that are automatically credited to the Participant’s Loyalty Account each time coins are purchased. The points can only be used for such purposes that are explicitly listed in the conditions of participation.

2.2 The acquisition of points is possible from the beginning of participation. Points can be credited to the participant’s personal loyalty account only for the participant’s personal purchases of coins in the online store. The invoice recipient is irrelevant here.

2.3 For every 1 Euro paid on rarecoin.de, 1 point will be automatically credited to the loyalty account if the participant is logged in with his “My RareCoin” loyalty account when buying coins. Each participant can redeem his points for a reward if his loyalty account shows a corresponding balance. Conversion and payment of points in cash are not possible. The prerequisite is the availability of the premiums. Premium availability may vary by date. Individual premiums may not be available at certain times. Reward offers and the respective required number of reward points are announced online

2.4 A premium can be requested for the purchase of coins at RareCoin, which are offered in the online store at rarecoin.com. The number of premium points required for a premium is based on the points table currently valid at the time of the order (“premium table”), in particular the premium table currently announced as Appendix A.

2.5 The Participant may collect Award Points for a total period of 12 months each (“Waiting Period”). Depending on the respective number of premium points, the respective premium becomes due and requestable after the expiry of the waiting period for redemption. The request for a premium must be made within 3 months after the end of the waiting period (“request period”).

2.6 Each participant may request only one award at a time within the request period. It is not possible to request a premium before the end of the waiting period. After the waiting period has expired, the participant’s points account balance is automatically reset to 0. The request for a premium due within the request period remains unaffected.

3 Exclusion / forfeiture of points credit

3.1 A points credit is excluded if a purchase of coins is made without logging into the loyalty account in the online store. In this case, no points will be credited to your account. Points credit is also excluded for refunded, expired or cancelled orders. The same applies in other cases of non-utilization or reimbursement of the service entitling to collect points.

3.2 If premium points are not redeemed for a premium within the request period, they shall expire without replacement after the end of the year.

3.3 The date and scope of a points expiry will be indicated in the RareCoin Rewards account information or in the personal customer account at least one month before the respective expiry date.

4 Ordinary termination

4.1 The Participant may terminate the contractual relationship at any time without notice in text form.

4.2 Ordinary termination by the Operator is only possible without stating reasons and subject to a notice period of four weeks.

5 Termination without notice / suspension / exclusion from program participation

5.1 Regardless of the score, the operator may terminate the contract without notice and exclude the participant from the program for good cause with effect for the future. Good cause shall be deemed to exist in particular in the event of material misrepresentation by the subscriber during the identity check.

5.2 In the cases of clause 5.1, instead of exercising the right of termination, the Operator may reject the claim to a premium by unilateral declaration without notice. Furthermore, the operator has the authority to block the subscriber account in the cases of section 6.1. The authority to block also exists in the case of objective suspicion of the existence of an important reason, for a period of time necessary for the reasonable examination of the facts.

5.3 The Participant shall have no claims due to a justified blocking in accordance with the above provisions. After the termination declared by the operators, the renewed participation in RareCoin Rewards is inadmissible. For the handling of the relationship after a termination, these terms of participation continue to apply.

5.4 In the event of a justified termination without notice by the Operator, the points shall remain valid until the end of the calendar year, unless an earlier expiry occurs due to the expiry of the request period (see Section 2.5).

6 Program termination

The operator reserves the right to discontinue RareCoins Rewards at any time. A discontinuation by the operator is possible without giving reasons by declaration in text form. Section 6.4 shall apply accordingly to the setting. The same applies in case RareCoin Rewards is replaced by another program. The same will apply if there is a change in RareCoin Rewards operators. In both cases, Clause 5.4 shall apply.

7 Liability

The following applies to damages incurred by participants in connection with their participation by the operator or respective vicarious agents: In the event of intent or gross negligence, liability is unlimited. In the case of slight negligence, liability is also unlimited in the event of injury to life, limb or health. In the event of a slightly negligent breach of material contractual obligations, liability shall be limited to material damage and financial loss attributable thereto in the amount of the foreseeable, typically occurring damage. A material contractual obligation is an obligation the fulfillment of which makes the proper performance of the contract possible in the first place and on the fulfillment of which the participant may regularly rely. Any further liability for damages – except for claims under the Product Liability Act – is excluded.

8 Data protection

8.1 The personal data of the Participant associated with participation shall be collected, processed and used by the Operator for the purpose of implementing RareCoin Rewards. This data includes, in particular, the data provided by the participant when registering and then in the course of his participation (“master data”) as well as the data provided to the operator in connection with his participation (in particular with the collection and redemption of points) (“program data”).

8.2 Personal data may also be processed and used by the Operator for purposes (in particular, sending information about RareCoin Rewards or offers of the Operator, including analyses for the preparation of such mailings) on the basis of a consent separately granted by the Participant. Further information on the collection, processing and use of personal data in the context of the RareCoin Rewards Program can be found at https://www.RareCoin.de/datenschutzerklaerung/.

9 Reservation of right of modification

9.1 The Operator reserves the right to make changes or additions to the Terms and Conditions of Participation, the Rewards, the Reward Table or other processes described in the Program Documents for RareCoin Rewards at any time, at its sole discretion, without giving reasons and without liability to the Participants.

9.2 Participants’ claims for damages against the operator due to legal changes are excluded. Changes or additions to the rewards, rewards table, or other processes described in the program documents for RareCoin Rewards will be announced online. Any changes or amendments to these Terms and Conditions of Participation will be announced by notification in text form. If the participant does not agree to the changes or additions to the Conditions of Participation, his/her participation may be terminated by ordinary notice in accordance with Item 5 of the Conditions of Participation. The operators will make special reference to this consequence when it is announced.

10 Law, place of jurisdiction

10.1 German law shall apply. If the participant is a merchant, the place of jurisdiction is Wiesbaden, Federal Republic of Germany. The same applies if the participant does not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany and does not reside within the European Economic Area (EEA).

10.2 If the Participant is a consumer with a place of residence outside Germany but within the EEA, the Participant may, at its option, assert claims both in Wiesbaden, Federal Republic of Germany, and before a competent court in the state in which it is domiciled.

10.3 In addition, a participant may also be sued at his general place of jurisdiction or at any other place where legal jurisdiction exists. The operator is not obliged to participate in a conciliation procedure and cannot offer participation in such a procedure.


Appendix A



Amount – total purchases from x euros in 12 months Points Reward Coin(s)
0,00 € 0 -/-
3.000,00 € 3.000 – 5.000 Silver package 1 – gift set + silver coin of our choice
5.000,00 € 5.001 – 10.000 Silver package 2 – gift set + silver coin of our choice
10.000,00 € 10.001 – 15.000 Silver package 3 – gift set + silver coin of our choice
15.000,00 € 15.001- 18.500 Silver package 4 – gift set + silver coin of our choice
18.500,00 € 18.501 – 22.500 Silver package 5 – gift set + silver coin of our choice
22.500,00 € 22.501 – 27.500 Gold package 1 – gift set + gold coin of our choice
27.500,00 € 27.501 – 33.000 Gold package 2 – gift set + gold coin of our choice
33.000,00 € 33.001 – 40.000 Gold package 3 – gift set + gold coin of our choice
40.000,00 € 40.001 – 45.000 Gold package 4 – gift set + gold coin of our choice
45.000,00 € 45.001 – 50.000 Gold package 5 – gift set + gold coin of our choice
50.000,00 € 50.001 – 60.000 Gold package 6 – gift set + gold coin of our choice
60.000,00 € 60.001 – 75.000 Gold package 7 – gift set + gold coin of our choice
75.000,00 € From 75,001 Gold package 8 – gift set + gold coin of our choice