The SA Mint Natura Coins and Prestige Sets

Natura coins and sets

The Natura coins were introduced in 1994 as South Africa’s first fine gold coin series. These superbly minted 24-karat collectible gold coins feature a different African animal motif each year. Each collection is limited in number. In addition, the Mint issues an even smaller, exclusive number of prestige sets. These are packaged in a stylish wooden box with a plaque with the words “Natura Prestige Set”, the year of minting and an individual number for the set.

The sizes

Natura series coins are available in four sizes:

  • 1 oz
  • 1/2 oz
  • 1/4 oz
  • 1/10 oz

All of them are made of gold. They are issued in proof condition only and each coin is housed in a separate plastic holder. Prestige sets are the most sought after, the leather case sets and single coins are slightly less popular.

Series topics

Since its inception, the South African Mint has launched several Natura Series collectibles under various wildlife themes. The theme of the first five years, from 1994 to 1998, was Africa’s “Big Five” with lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards and Cape buffalo. “Monarchs of Africa” was the theme introduced in 1999, while the series beginning in 2002 was themed “Wild Cats of Africa.” “Safari through South Africa” (2009) began with the white rhino. The 2010 Natura series was dedicated to the endangered black rhino. These two species were chosen for a reason, to highlight their dwindling numbers as a result of tremendous threats.

Natures Families

In 2011, the South African Mint introduced the “Nature’s Families” theme. The first animal shown in this format was the meerkat, a mongoose species that lives in the Kalahari Desert. The obverse of each coin beautifully depicts a group of meerkats ready to warn their fellow meerkats and other animals of danger.

The colorful wolf

The 2012 Natura series features the African Buntwolf, the country’s most endangered mammal. The series of coins has a common obverse, which shows silhouettes of a pack of wolves near a river. The reverse of each coin shows these animals in different poses.

Mint Mark

For each vintage there are also issues with a mintmark for special occasions. Here is a selection:

  • Pretoria Zoo
  • Hluhluwe Game Park
  • Coin World Mint Mark
  • Sabi Sabi
  • Londo Lozi
  • de Wildt
  • Coin World
  • Caracal
  • Lion Park
  • Mapungbwe
  • EWT
  • SASI
  • SAM

The individual vintages:

More information

You can find out more about the edition numbers of the individual years and the individual motifs that are imprinted directly from us.

Feel free to check out our store if you would like to buy a coin. Of course, we regularly have some copies of these beautiful and very rare Natura coins and sets available with us. If you are looking for a specific vintage, feel free to contact us. We will help you find it, because the search for coins is our passion.

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