Magnetic scale – MagneticScreenScale Goldanalytix

Today on our blog we introduce the magnetic scale – MagneticScreenScale from Goldanalytix. If you do not know them yet and use them for your coin collection, we would like to introduce them to you briefly.

The MagneticScreenScale from Goldanalytix stands for fast authentication of gold and silver. It can even measure through capsules, blisters and foils, making the measurement 100% safe. Also, the device has a penetration depth of about 3mm in gold and silver. The MagneticScreenScale from Goldanalytix is the fastest tungsten detector!

Tungsten counterfeiting is dangerous!

Tungsten has the same specific gravity as gold, making it the perfect counterfeit material for gold bars and coins.

With the MagneticScreenScale you can detect these counterfeits quickly and reliably

The strong magnetic field of the scale penetrates deep into the core of the ingot or coin without damaging it(s). Tungsten is still detected up to 3 mm below the gold surface! The greatest strength of the MagneticScreenScale lies in the detection of tungsten inclusions in fine gold (99.99 % gold). For comparison, an expensive XRF device can only penetrate 0.010 mm deep into gold. Thus, the MagneticScreenScale measures approximately 300 times deeper into the metal. Therefore, the MagneticScreenScale is ideally suited to check investment gold (bars, coins, etc.) for authenticity in high throughput. Due to the rechargeable battery, the scale can also be operated in places without mains power and is a perfect helper when buying investment gold.

Detect silver counterfeit types as well as counterfeit platinum or palladium.

A particular advantage of the MagneticScreenScale Goldanalytix is that the test pieces do not have to be removed from plastic blisters, plastic foils or capsules (provided these are not unusually thick). This means that even small investment bars that are firmly welded can be examined quickly and safely in this way. Jewelry can also be examined for the commonly used tungsten carbide cores. Purchase the original from us – the proven and reliable solution for gold testing.

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