The Twin Fates of American Buffalo Gold Coins: A Journey to Perfect Grading

The Twin Fates of American Buffalo Gold Coins: A Journey to Perfect Grading

Two shiny gold coins, both from the 2006 vintage and minted in the USA – American Buffalo – 50 Dollars – 1oz Proof Gold, once shared the same fate. They rested side by side until one crucial day led them down different paths.

One coin went to the renowned grading company PCGS, while its sister went to NGC. There they eagerly awaited the assessment of their purity and beauty.

In the world of numismatics, grading is a crucial act that determines the value and recognition of a coin. When the longed-for day of the results announcement arrived, both coins received a pleasant surprise: they each received the highest possible grading – a perfect 70!

The NGC graded a coin designated PF70 ULTRA Cameo, a grading that highlights its impressive relief and exceptional quality. Its sister, graded by PCGS, received the designation PR70 Deep Cameo, an equally high distinction but with a slight nuance in its naming.

PF70 Ultra Cameo vs. PR70 DCAM: A comparison of the highest grading standards

In the world of numismatics, grading designations play a crucial role in determining the quality and rarity of coins. Two of the most prestigious and sought after ratings are PF70 Ultra Cameo (NGC) and PR70 DCAM (PCGS). Both classifications apply exclusively to proof coins, i.e. those that were minted in proof. Here’s a detailed look at these two top ratings:

PF70 Ultra Cameo – NGC

Application : This grading is assigned by NGC and applies only to Proof coins.

  • Features : PF70 Ultra Cameo coins feature deeply mirrored fields that provide a stark contrast to the coin’s heavily frosted images and inscriptions.

  • Quality : A grade of PF70 indicates a flawless coin with no visible flaws under 5x magnification.

  • Optics : The combination of mirrored fields and frosted details creates an impressive, high-contrast visual effect that is particularly prized by collectors.


  • Application : The PR70 DCAM grade is assigned by PCGS for proof coins.

  • Features : Deep Cameo (DCAM) refers to proof coins that feature deep and even matting on the raised elements of both sides of the coin.

  • Quality : Similar to NGC, the PR70 grading indicates a perfect coin with no visible flaws under 5x magnification.

  • Optics : The Deep Cameo effect creates a brilliant and striking appearance, where the frosted elements are clearly separated from the reflective fields, giving them exceptional visual depth.

Both grades – PF70 Ultra Cameo and PR70 DCAM – represent the highest level of perfection and aesthetics for proof coins. Although awarded by different grading societies, both reflect the same dedication to quality and beauty that excites collectors and investors alike.

Although they now went their separate ways and ended up in different hands, both coins proudly and honorably bore the title of the most exquisite examples of their kind. Minted from the finest gold, they embodied perfection and now awaited the recognition of collectors and admirers.

The story of these two gold coins ends here – it confirms that true beauty and quality are recognized everywhere, regardless of which path they take.

In the world of numismatics, the question often arises: which grading is better – PCGS or NGC?

Both institutions are among the largest and most respected grading companies in the world and are highly regarded among collectors.

The answer to this question ultimately depends on personal preferences and decisions. Both grading companies offer a high level of expertise and enjoy broad recognition in the collecting community. Their valuations are based on strict standards and an in-depth knowledge of numismatics.

On the one hand, PCGS is known for its conservative grading standards and has developed a reputation for grading U.S. coins. Many collectors value the clarity and consistency that PCGS provides in its evaluations.

On the other hand, NGC is valued for its innovative approach and expertise in a wide range of coins, including international coinage. NGC also offers a wide range of services and specialty holder options that are popular with collectors.

Ultimately, it comes down to your individual collecting goal and personal preference. Some collectors prefer one company or another because of specific experiences or because of the special characteristics each company brings to their valuations.

In any case, it is important to be aware that both PCGS and NGC play an important role in the world of numismatics and are both recognized for their reliability and credibility in coin grading. Ultimately, choosing a grading company is a personal decision based on the individual preferences and needs of each collector.

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