“Early” and “First” Releases: What do they mean for your coins?

"Early" vs. "First" Releases: What Do They Mean for Your Coins?

“Early” and “First” Releases: What do they mean for your coins?

Have you ever wondered what “Early Releases” and “First Releases” mean for coins graded by NGC?

The NGC awards these designations to recognize coins received within a specific time period. Here is the breakdown:

  • Early Releases & First Releases: Both terms apply to coins received by NGC or an approved depository within the first 30 days of their official release.

These designations are listed on the NGC certification label in the coin description. Here is an important point:

  • Early Releases is the standard: Unless you specifically request the “First Releases” designation, your submitted coin will automatically receive the “Early Releases” label.

What is the advantage of these terms?

  • Separate listings: Early releases and first releases are listed separately in the NGC Census, a database of certified coins.
  • NGC Registry Eligibility: Coins with these designations are also eligible for inclusion in the NGC Registry, a program for collectors to track and showcase their collections.

In short, “Early Releases” and “First Releases” highlight that a coin was received by the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) very early after its official release, potentially increasing its collector appeal.

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