Golden wedding: everything you need to know!

Golden wedding

It is a long way from the paper wedding to the golden wedding. Nevertheless, there are many couples who are granted to celebrate this special day. After more than 50 years together, there are many memories to cherish. Of course, the appropriate gifts for the golden wedding may not be missing. The same applies to the traditions and customs that can be perfectly integrated into the festivities for the golden wedding.

When is the golden wedding anniversary?

Golden wedding is a special day in the life of every married couple. This anniversary marks the 50th wedding anniversary and is almost always accompanied by a big party. Whether you prefer to spend this day in a small circle or organize a big party depends on you. There are no rules or any obligations: After all, it’s your big day.

But what does the gold wedding actually have to do with gold? The most obvious properties of precious metal are its stability, luster and preciousness. For most people, it is clear that once your marriage has lasted this long, these characteristics must also apply to it.

It goes without saying that numerous congratulations on the golden wedding anniversary arrive on this day. Nevertheless, it can be useful to have some ideas for the golden wedding:

  • Invitation cards for your gold wedding should be sent with sufficient advance notice. According to the occasion, the cards could be decorated with gold leaf, for example.
  • You can plan a church ceremony to renew your wedding vows on your 50th wedding anniversary.
  • If you do not want to celebrate at home, you can of course visit a restaurant. How about the restaurant where you already celebrated 50 years ago?
  • A beautifully decorated table is one of the ideas that should not be missing for the golden wedding. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a buffet or a three-course menu: The main thing is that you feel good all around.
  • Besides a picture show, speeches can be a good idea. In this way, your longtime friends can convey their congratulations on the golden wedding anniversary.

By the way, the golden wedding anniversary is the ideal time for a very special gift. After 50 years of marriage, however, it’s not so easy – neither for the couple nor for their friends. Instead of just letting your golden wedding anniversary pass, you could use your celebration of honor to start a new hobby. For example, with the collection of coins. Coin collections have always combined two worlds – the investment and the pleasure. For example, for the Golden Wedding Anniversary, you can wish for a 1812 – A New World Map Terrestrial Dome (Polished Plate 2018 RAM) from your children. Or you can opt for other specimens like the Winged Victory High Relief 2021 1 oz Gold or the Wedge-Tailed Eagle 1 oz 2014 PP Gold Australia.

Golden wedding customs and traditions

Wedding customs for the golden wedding are many. Each country, each region and even each family has own
. However, there are some lovely traditions that have stuck with most married couples. Fortunately, the preparation of many of these wedding customs for the golden wedding is the responsibility of friends, neighbors or family. The following customs might be an idea for your special occasion:

  • One of the most common traditions is to renew wedding vows. This can be done in church or in the circle of your loved ones.
  • A typical custom is to place a wreath on the front door. It should symbolize the permanence of your marriage. It looks especially beautiful when interspersed with golden ribbons. They are supposed to keep away evil spirits and bring you luck and love.
  • An alternative to the wreath is the wedding crown for the golden wedding. You can wear this during your celebration or place it in your home to enjoy it for a long time.

By the way, the crown becomes even more special when it is equipped with a 1 oz Ox Buffalo Lunar I 1997 Gold Australia. Should your loved ones give you such a gift, it is worth having the coins appraised.

What to give for the 50th wedding anniversary?

Since the golden wedding is a special occasion, unusual gifts can not be missing. Ideally, they should always be for two people – namely, both spouses. That’s why it makes sense to consider beforehand whether you and your partner have common interests. This could be common favorite travel destinations or a shared hobby. This will make it easier for your friends and acquaintances to find the right golden wedding anniversary gifts.

If you enjoy fancy pieces, you can get silver co ins or gold coins from Australia as a gift, for example. They are not only special, but at the same time symbolize the value of marriage. Finally, silver coins or gold coins from Australia are a rarity in themselves. Whether you choose gold or silver is up to your own preferences. Because: valuable coins come in different materials. For example, how about the Dragon Series (Dragon & Phoenix 2018 1 Oz) or the Kangaroo at Sunset 2017 (10th Anniversary RAM Australia 1Oz Gold)? Both coins are perfect for commemorating a special event like a golden wedding anniversary. Alternatively, you could opt for the following gifts:

  • Do you want a
    Wedding bench with engraving
    . It is an absolute classic and fits into any garden.
  • Have a newspaper or magazine designed for you. In them you can relive the most important moments of your marriage.
  • Ask your loved ones for your best family photo as a puzzle. This pleasure for puzzle lovers is a memory fun.
  • You do not like puzzle? Then a painting on canvas could be an excellent idea for your golden wedding. It will be especially individual and unique if you let your guests design it.
  • Wish for a monetary gift that will bring you a little closer to your dreams. With this you are well prepared for the world trip you always wanted to make.
  • Let your loved ones buy some valuable coins . They are not only an excellent investment, but especially beautiful to look at. Maybe you already have a coin collection? Then the 1626 – A New World Map Terrestrial Dome (1 oz Gold Coin – 2018 – RAM) should not be missed, nor the Dragon Series (Dragon & Phoenix 2018 1 Oz).

Silver and gold coins: The perfect gift for the golden wedding anniversary

Your golden wedding anniversary is a very special event. Therefore, wish for something that will last as well as your marriage. You already have a coin collection? Then you can expand it with special specimens like the 1626 – A New World Map Terrestrial Dome (1 oz Gold Coin – 2018 – RAM). On the other hand, if you don’t have your own collection yet, it may be an excellent time to start. The following coins could be the cornerstone of your valuable and handsome coin collection:

50 years of marriage, 50 years of Krugerrand

50 years is a proud anniversary, why not give the Krugerrand 2017 Proof 1oz 50th Anniversary Mintmark to match? This bullion coin is a fitting way to celebrate half a century. The platinum variant, the gold set of 3 (1967, 2016, 2017) or the Krugerrand Vintage 5 Coin Set are also suitable for this purpose.

Of course, here at Rarecoin you will find many other exciting coins besides the ones mentioned above. But whether you want the Lunar I Series Tiger 1998 1 Oz Australia or the Kookaburra 1/10Oz 2021 (Gold), it’s the perfect gift for your Golden Wedding Anniversary.

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Congratulations to the couple on the anniversary

Classic and modern congratulations on the golden wedding are undoubtedly appropriate after 50 years of marriage. After all, 50 years is a long time – and like the couple themselves, their friends want this happiness to last. The following ideas are great for modern golden wedding congratulations.

  1. We wish you only the best from the bottom of our hearts,

to this very special celebration.

Happiness, love and blessings,

we wish you on your way.

  1. The golden wedding anniversary is a celebration,

that makes every heart beat faster.

Bronze, silver and gold – hurray,

all the best for the jubilee couple!

  1. Happiness, joy and security,

that is what we wish for all eternity!

For better or for worse,

let your love accompany you.

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