Why you should buy physical gold and silver now

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Are you interested in investing in your future? Then why not invest in precious metals, for example physical gold? Precious metals play an important role in your portfolio in today’s world by providing a hedge. Especially compared to the stock trading, these are much safer.

The purchasing power of precious metals

The supply of precious metals, such as gold and silver, is limited worldwide. Especially in times of inflation, these have always remained stable. Silver, in particular, was used as currency more than 4000 years ago and can still be used in trading today. Nowadays it is used especially often for industrial purposes.

The global demand

Trading coins, whether gold or silver, is ultra-easy. Why is that? They have the same value everywhere. No matter whether in America, in Germany or in Japan. Especially in the future, the demand and value of precious metals is expected to continue to rise. Gold has always been a popular investment option because it retains its value and serves as protection against inflation. Gold coins in particular are a popular choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolio and protect their assets. Demand for gold coins has been steadily increasing around the world due to a number of factors.

One of the main reasons for the global demand for gold coins is economic uncertainty. When the economy is unstable, investors tend to turn to safe assets like gold, which has a reputation for holding its value even in times of crisis. In recent years, geopolitical tensions, trade disputes and the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed to economic uncertainty, leading many investors to turn to gold coins to protect their assets.

Another factor driving demand for gold coins is the low interest rate environment. When interest rates are low, investors are less likely to invest in bonds and other fixed-income investments because they offer lower yields. Instead, investors are opting for gold coins, which have historically offered better returns than many other forms of investment.

The demand for gold coins in many countries is also due to cultural and religious factors. In some countries, gold is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and gold coins are often given as gifts at weddings and other celebrations. For example, in China, gold is considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity, and gold coins are often given as gifts for Chinese New Year.

Global demand for gold coins is also influenced by the availability of new products and technologies. The introduction of new, innovative gold coins with unique designs and features has helped make gold coins increasingly popular with investors. In addition, the growth of online marketplaces and trading platforms has made it easier than ever for investors to buy and sell gold coins, increasing the accessibility of this investment option.

Finally, the demand for gold coins is also driven by the realization that gold is a finite resource. Since the global supply of gold is limited, investors expect the value of gold to continue to increase over time, making gold coins a valuable addition to any investment portfolio.

In summary, global demand for gold coins is driven by a variety of factors, including economic uncertainty, a low-interest rate environment, cultural and religious factors, new products and technologies, and the perception of gold as a finite resource. As these factors continue to influence the global economy, demand for gold coins is likely to remain strong.

Intrinsic value

Coins in particular are made to invest in. In doing so, one thinks not only of one’s own future, but often also of that of the next generations. Coins can very well be given to family members, thus passing on the material wealth.

Invest in gold and silver coins now

The relative purchasing power of gold and silver usually remains stable in times of inflation. In the year 1985, an ounce of gold was worth about as much as a fine suit for men. So, if you take into account some of the ups and downs in the precious metals market, an ounce of gold today still costs about as much as a valuable men’s suit, although of course the price in dollars or euros has moved on.

On the other hand, in 1985, one ounce of silver could buy just two movie tickets. With some ups and downs in the market, an ounce of silver today costs a little less than a movie ticket. Gold and silver prices fluctuate in the market, but they move independently of the stock market, which can make investing in them ultra-safe. Especially in an economic downturn, your precious metals can serve as a stable investment to keep your assets together.

Where do you buy physical gold and silver?

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