Compact course in modern numismatics: collecting gold coins

Trends in contemporary gold coin collection

Collecting contemporary gold coins is a popular hobby for collectors and investors alike. In recent years, prices for these coins have risen sharply, reflecting increasing demand.

Current market trends:

A clear trend in the current market for contemporary gold collectible coins is the increasing popularity of coins from countries that are considered a reliable investment. This development is based on these coins being perceived as a safe choice for investments. Our experience shows that contemporary gold coins from South Africa, the United States and Russia are particularly sought after. It is worth noting that Russian collectible coins have been difficult to obtain outside of Russia in recent years and global demand for them continues to increase.

Popular Coin Designs:

When selecting contemporary gold coins, the designs are an important decision-making criterion. Many collectors prefer coins with attractive designs that tell a story or theme. The most popular coin designs include animals, historical figures and cultural symbols.

Animals are a popular motif for gold coins as they are often viewed as symbols of nature and the wilderness. The most popular animal motifs include large game such as lions, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes and leopards. Nature conservation themes are also a popular motif, such as the Natura series from the South African Mint or the Save Our World series from the Russian Central Bank.

Historical figures are also a popular motif for gold coins. They can be minted as commemorative coins for special occasions or simply as an expression of appreciation for a historical figure. The most popular historical figures on gold coins include politicians such as Paul Kruger (Krügerrand) or Lady Liberty (American Eagle), artists such as Mozart (Austrian Philharmonic).

Cultural symbols are another popular motif for gold coins. They can serve as an expression of national identity or simply as a beautiful design. The most popular cultural symbols on gold coins include national flags, coats of arms or religious symbols.

Specific examples:

Here are some examples of contemporary gold coins with popular designs:

Krugerrand (South Africa):

The Krugerrand is considered the most prestigious and widely purchased gold coin worldwide, making it an ideal choice for gold investing, especially for beginners. It has been minted by the South African Mint since its first year of minting in 1967, and the Krugerrand gets its characteristic reddish color from the addition of copper, which also makes the coin more scratch-resistant. A 1-ounce Krugerrand weighs a total of 33.93 grams, of which 31.1 grams are pure gold and approximately 2.83 grams are copper. The coin depicts Paul Kruger, an important political figure, and a springbok.

American Eagle (United States)

Since 1986, the US Mint has minted the classic American Eagle in gold. This Gold Eagle has a fineness of 916.67 (22 carats), which makes it less pure than the Maple Leaf, for example, but makes it more resistant to scratches. The reverse of the coin depicts an eagle flying with an olive branch to its nest containing the female and chicks. Since 2021, the design of the American Eagle has been revised and now shows the head of an eagle on the front. On the other side, “Lady Liberty” can be seen holding a torch and an olive branch, symbolizing freedom and peace.

Libertad (Mexico) :

Since 1981, the Casa de Moneda de Mexico has been actively minting the Libertad (“Freedom”) gold coin, also known as Onza. Despite their lack of a fixed face value, Mexico officially recognizes them as a means of payment. Since 1996, the coin’s unchanged design features the goddess of victory standing proudly on a pedestal in front of two volcanoes, and on the reverse an eagle, the Mexican heraldic animal, holds a snake in its talons and beak. The 1-ounce version of the Libertad gold coin features 10 smaller crests surrounding the large central crest, while the smaller denominations feature a single crest. The Casa de Moneda has been producing the coin from 999 gold since 1991. The 1, 1/2 and 1/4 ounce denominations were available from the start, and in 1991 the mint added 1/10 and 1/20 ounce sizes to the range.

Big Five Series (South Africa) :

The Big Five I and II gold coin series celebrate South Africa’s famous “Big Five” – ​​elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo. These series of coins are minted by the South African Mint, also known as one of the two mints that produce the well-known Krugerrand.

Natura Series (South Africa) :

The Natura gold coins present new designs every year that actively showcase the diversity of South Africa’s wildlife. In a similar tradition to the Krugerrand, the South African Mint (SA-Mint) mints these rare collector coins exclusively in gold. The SA Mint has been releasing Natura gold coins onto the market every year since 1994. For protection, the mint packs each of these rare investment coins from the Natura series in capsules and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Save Our World Series (Central Bank of Russia) :

The coins in the Save the World series show various endangered animal species and plants.

Increasing demand among collectors and investors

Both collectors and investors are showing a growing interest in contemporary gold coins. Collectors actively look for coins that are characterized by high quality and attractive designs. Investors, on the other hand, view gold coins as a safe investment to protect themselves against inflation and economic fluctuations.

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