“Make your coin dreams come true this Christmas!”

Dear collector friends,

Christmas, the time of miracles and dreams, is just around the corner. Children all over the world write their wish lists, full of hope that their most cherished wishes will come true. This year we, your loyal partner in the world of coin collection, would like to take up this magical tradition and give you a very special treat with our Christmas offer.

Imagine: the sparkling lights of the Christmas tree, the festive atmosphere, and under the tree lies exactly what makes your collector’s heart beat faster – a carefully selected coin from our company. We warmly invite you to become part of our Christmas magic.

Thats how it works: Send us your personal wish list by December 6, 2023 with the coins from our range that you have always wanted to have in your collection. Our team, supported by the hard-working Santa Claus, will then search our treasury for exactly these pieces.

Who knows, maybe Santa Claus has some particularly attractive offers in store for coin collectors this year?

Maybe the coin you’ve been admiring for a long time is waiting to be added to your collection?

We can’t wait to help you fulfill your wishes with an offer and give you a smile that reminds you of the carefree joy of your childhood.

Your step into Christmas magic: Don’t hesitate! Pick up your pen and send us your coin wish list. Our experts are ready to examine your selection with the utmost care and provide you with an unforgettable Christmas offer.

We look forward to seeing your eyes light up this Christmas and are excited to see what treasures will attract you to our range.

With festive greetings and looking forward to a brilliant Christmas,

Best regards,

Dirk Wasserthal

Don’t forget to send your wish list by December 6th. Santa Claus and we are eagerly awaiting your wishes!

You can simply send us an email to: [email protected]

or you can use our contact form below. Simply enter “ Christmas Wish List ” in the topic/subject and then list the coins/medals/sets that interest you in the text field.

We will then contact you by December 7th at the latest with our Christmas offer.

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