Rwanda gold coins and silver coins

From the East African country of Rwanda (also known as Rwanda) come the beautiful collectible Rwanda gold coins and Rwanda silver coins. The collectible coins are considered official currency and are part of the Rwanda franc. The commemorative Rwanda francs, also known as African Ounce, have very low mintages and are very popular among collectors.

Below you will find more information about the gold and silver coins from Rwanda. Discover different designs and series of silver and gold coins that will be happy to become part of your collection.

Rwanda Gold Nautical Ounce Series

In 2017, the first Rwanda Nautical Ounce was issued to commemorate the 525th anniversary of the Rwanda Nautical Ounce. Anniversary of the discovery of America with the famous expedition ship Santa Maria issued. Each gold coin consists of 1 ounce of .999 fine gold and is minted within a strictly limited mintage period. Each gold coin is highly desirable for collectors and investors thanks to the low mintage.

Protective packaging from the mint facilitates mint condition even years after minting.

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Rwanda Wildlife Series

Minted by BH Mayer’s Kunstprageanstalt GmbH Munich, Germany, the Rwanda Wildlife Series began in 2008 with a silver coin. Since 2018, the Rwanda Wildlife Series is now minting its popular series in gold. With a face value of 100 francs, the German minted Rwanda 1 oz .999 fine Gold Wildlife Series has begun to attract the attention of coin collectors around the world.

The Gold Wildlife series celebrates the beauty of the animal kingdom and features the amazing animals of the African steppe: gorilla, elephant, lion, zebra, rhino, cheetah, impala, buffalo and meerkat. The reverse of the gold coin features the official seal of Rwanda with tribal motifs on a gear and a square knot. Unlike the reverse, however, the obverse of the coin changes annually, but always features a famous African animal, some of which are endangered, alongside a beautiful depiction of Africa.

What changes every year is the motif on the lower left part of the front of the coin. It includes a new set of animals representing the African continent. The coins began with the 2008 Rwanda Wildlife Series silver coin program, which had the gorilla as its theme.

Available coins in the Rwanda Wildlife Series (also known as the African Ounce Series from Rwanda) include the following designs:
Rwanda Gorilla Coin 2008

A family of lowland gorillas sits together enjoying the native vegetation. The motif shows a male silverback, a female and a gorilla cub.

2009 Rwanda elephant coin

Again, a family of these animals is integrated into the coin image. A male bull elephant leads the herd of elephants, while a female and a cub follow in single file.

2010 Rwanda lion coin

On this coin you will find another representation of a family group. The lion pride is depicted with a male lion vigilantly watching over the family while a female rests and a cub lies near its mother.

2011 Rwanda zebra coin

The zebra, one of the world’s most unique species, is depicted on the 2011 Rwanda Wildlife Series coin with a family standing together while grazing.

2012 Rwanda rhino coin

The rhinoceros is one of the most endangered species in the world and is found in Africa. This motif shows an adult rhino watching over his young calf at the edge of a body of water.

2013 Rwanda cheetah coin

The fastest land mammal is featured on the 2013 coin, in the form of a pair of cheetahs sitting vigilantly among the tall grasses of the savannah, in search of prey and on guard against predators.

2014 Rwanda Impala Coin

The impala belongs to the antelope family and is depicted on the reverse of the coin as a pair of impala running across the open plains of the African continent.

2015 Rwanda Cape Buffalo Coin

This series coin features the Cape buffalo, a large land animal dwarfed only by giraffes and elephants on a continent like Africa. On this coin you can see an adult buffalo together with his young calf.

2016 Meerkat

These small creatures live in the desert regions of southern Africa from Botswana and Namibia to Angola and South Africa. Meerkats belong to the mongoose family.

2017 Hippo

The third largest land mammal alive today, it is the heaviest member of its species, and males can weigh up to 3,300 pounds. Hippos, while seemingly docile water-dwelling cows, are actually quite aggressive if you get too close to a mother and her calf.

2018 Giraffe

The largest land animal alive today, the giraffe is also the largest ruminant in the world and the only member of its genus. Giraffes are famous for their long necks and spotted skin.

2019 Shoe bill

The 12th design in this robust collection features the shoe bill. Also known as whaleheads, this species resembles the stork and has gray coloring in adult plumage, while young birds tend to have brown feathers.

2020 Bushbaby

The 13th edition of the series is dedicated to the bush baby (also known as Galago).

The bush baby is one of the smallest primates, about the size of a squirrel. Her plaintive cries and cute appearance could be the reason for the name “bush baby”. The animals have large, round eyes that allow them to see well at night, and bat-like, delicate ears that allow them to track insects in the dark.

2021 Okapi

The 14th issue is dedicated to the okapi. An okapi with a cub is depicted on the coin. Okapis are distinguished by their characteristic coloration and are also known as “forest giraffes”.

2022 Pelican

The fifteenth issue of the African Ounce series from Rwanda is dedicated to the pelican. The motif shows an image of the African continent and a pelican with a young animal. Pelicans are large water birds and with their long beak, from which hangs a large skin sac, are unmistakable.

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Rwanda Gold and Silver Lunar Series

In 2017, the Rwandan lunar ounce was minted for the first time in the Year of the Rooster. Thanks to the protective packaging, all coins of this series remain in very good condition even years later. The Chinese lunar calendar is one of the most popular themes for coins that we also know from other mints. The traditional Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar, which calculates the years, months and days according to astronomical phenomena. The Chinese Zodiac or Shengxiao is a repeating cycle of 12 years. Each year is represented by an animal and its characteristics. Traditionally, these zodiac signs were used to date the years. The 12 animals are in the following order: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

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