PCGS NGC Certified Coins

NGC, the Numismatic Guaranty Company, and PCGS, the Professional Coin Grading Service, are two third-party grading and certification services. They are the two most well-known and respected independent coin grading companies in the world.

Both companies have established themselves as market leaders in coin grading, providing collectors and investors with valuable information about the condition and authenticity of their coins.

PCGS was founded in 1986, while NGC was founded a little later in 1987. Both companies were formed with the goal of providing an independent and unbiased rare coin grading service that would ensure the integrity of the coin collecting and investing industry.

The evaluation process used by PCGS and NGC is similar in many respects. Both companies use a 70-point scale to grade coins, with 70 being the highest possible grade. Coins are graded based on a number of factors, including the coin’s condition, luster, minting, and overall visual impression. In addition, both PCGS and NGC use a numerical grading system to indicate the condition of the coin, with grades ranging from 1 (poor) to 70 (perfect).

What exactly does 70 mean?

At 70, NGC or PCGS designates a coin with full mint luster or in polished plate (PP = Proof) that shows no post-production damage under fivefold magnification.

When a coin is submitted to PCGS or NGC for grading, it is first reviewed by a team of professionals who assess the coin’s condition and authenticity. The coin is then encapsulated in a tamper-proof holder (also known as a slab ) that protects it from the environment and preserves its condition.

One of the differences between PCGS and NGC is that they focus on different types of coins. PCGS is known for its expertise in grading U.S. coins, while NGC is known for its expertise in grading world coins. However, both companies grade a wide range of coins from around the world, and collectors and investors can submit their coins to either company for grading.

Overall, both PCGS and NGC are highly respected and trusted coin grading companies whose services are essential to gold coin collectors and investors who want to ensure the authenticity and quality of their coins. Whether you are a gold coin collector or a novice investor, you can have your coins appraised by a reputable independent appraisal company to make informed decisions and ensure the long-term value of your coin collection.

Value and authenticity

The advantage of a graded coin is that it is protected from damage, its authenticity is certified and it is more valuable when resold.

PCGS and NGC guarantee the value and authenticity of each coin that meets their rigorous standards. After thorough examination by experienced numismatists, each coin is sealed in a plastic holder with serial number, description and guaranteed valuation. If the coins have been certified by PCGS or NGC, they can be traded with confidence in their authenticity. Collectors and investors no longer need to be rare coin experts to safely buy and sell classic coins.

Rating scale

NGC uses the internationally recognized Sheldon rating scale of 1 to 70, which is considered the industry standard. 70 MS/PF means, for example: a coin without post-processing defects at 5x magnification (highest level) or 69 MS/PF: a fully minted coin with barely perceptible defects. MS stands for Mint State and PF for Proof ( polished plate). The PCGS rating scale is also based on the numbers 1-70 of the Sheldon scale.

There are other valuation services on the market, but PCGS and NGC are the only two that are universally recognized worldwide. We personally do not recommend any other services as they simply do not meet PCGS and NGC standards. Before therefore buys and sells RareCoin only PCGS and NGC certified gold coins and silver coins.

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Difference between PCGS and NGC

PCGS and NGC are already world leaders in coin grading. Well, what is the difference? However, one of the biggest differences between PCGS and NGC is that NGC is more open and shares more detailed information about the evaluation process. At NGC, each coin is graded separately by two experts, and if they cannot agree on the coin’s grade, a third expert steps in. PCGS offers an outstanding Restoration Service, or Gold Shield Service, in conjunction with a Secure Database. Either way, they are both very trustworthy companies that you can be sure will expertly value your coins.

RareCoin is an NGC authorized dealer and PCGS authorized dealer. Please contact us if you have any questions about NGC or PCGS grading or/and would like your coins graded.

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