Compact course in modern numismatics: collecting gold coins

Introduction to modern numismatics: definition, history, meaning and change in collecting culture

Numismatics: Definition and History

Numismatics is the study of coins and other monetary items. It includes the study of their production, their history, their use and their meaning. At RareCoin.Store we understand Modern Numismatics as the collecting of coins that have been minted since 1945. This distinction differs from classical numismatics, which focuses on older, historical coins such as those from antiquity or the Middle Ages, etc.

Numismatics, as defined in most dictionaries and glossaries, is the study and collection of various forms of currency, including coins, medals, tokens, and paper money. While the term has long been widely used and accepted in Europe, it first appeared in American usage around 1830, primarily in auction catalogs. Both the noun “numismatics” (English -> numismatics) as well as the adjective “numismatic” (English -> numismatic) come from the French term “numismatiques”, which in turn is derived from the Latin “numismatis” and the Greek “nomisma” for “coin”. “Nomisma,” in turn, is derived from the Greek verb “nomizein,” meaning “to use,” and ultimately from the noun “nomos,” meaning “law.”

The History of Modern Gold Coins

The history of modern gold coins spans several centuries and developed parallel to economic and political changes worldwide. Gold coins were originally used as a means of payment for everyday use, but with the abolition of the gold standard, their role shifted primarily to collectibles and investments. Modern gold coins came to the fore in the 20th century, with notable examples such as the South African Krugerrand introduced in 1967. During this time, gold coins began to be minted specifically for collectors and investors, which are characterized by artistic design, limited editions and commemorative themes. Today, these coins are valued for their numismatic value, historical significance and investment potential.

Modern numismatics: meaning and change in collecting culture

Modern numismatics has played a significant role in the evolution of collecting culture. It is concerned with collecting and studying coins that were minted in the recent past, especially since the middle of the 20th century. This period is characterized by significant economic and technological changes, which are also reflected in coinage. Modern coins often reflect contemporary historical events and art styles and are valued as both investment items and collectibles. The change in collecting culture towards modern numismatics is reflected in an increased appreciation for the artistic and historical significance of these coins, beyond their material value.

Meaning of modern gold coins

Modern gold coins have a number of meanings. They are:

  • Investment : Modern gold coins are considered a safe and profitable investment. They are not susceptible to inflation and can maintain or even increase in value during times of economic uncertainty.
  • Collectible : Modern gold coins are also popular as collectibles. They are prized by collectors for their rarity, design or historical significance.
  • Cultural Symbols : Modern gold coins can also be viewed as cultural symbols. They are often linked to national identities or historical events.

Change in collecting culture

The culture of collecting modern gold coins has changed in recent years. In the past, gold coins were mainly popular in Europe and North America. However, in recent years, demand for gold coins has also increased in other parts of the world, such as Asia and Africa.

This change is due to several factors, including:

  • Increasing globalization : The world economy has become increasingly globalized, which has led to greater demand for international investments.
  • The growing middle class also in developing countries : In developing countries, the middle class is growing, which has led to greater demand for luxury goods such as gold coins.
  • The Increasing Popularity of Online Trading : Online trading has made gold coins easier to access for people around the world.

This change has strengthened the collecting culture of modern gold coins, causing the demand for gold coins to increase and prices to skyrocket. This trend is likely to continue in the coming years. In the following chapters you will learn more about the current trends as well as the rarest and most sought-after collector’s coins in modern numismatics.


Modern gold coins are an exciting and diverse investment opportunity with a long and rich history. Not only are they a safe and profitable investment, but they are also beautiful and valuable works of art.

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