Compact course in modern numismatics: collecting gold coins

Sheds light on the uniqueness and increase in value of rare gold coins and their historical background.

Modern gold coins represent much more than just financial investments – they are fascinating works of art and sought-after collector’s items. In this blog post, we will discuss rare and collectible modern gold coins in detail, examine their uniqueness and increased value in detail, and present outstanding examples from various series and historical events. Immerse yourself with us in the multifaceted world of numismatics and discover the cultural significance and aesthetic beauty inherent in these special coins.

Uniqueness as an indicator of value

The outstanding uniqueness of a coin is of central importance to its value. The rarity gives it additional attractiveness and increases its sought-after status. Modern gold coins, which stand out for their distinctive uniqueness, often become sought-after objects for collectors and investors alike. This becomes particularly clear when we focus on various series and historical events.

Increase in value over time

The historical record makes it clear that rare gold coins can increase in value over time. Not only do these coins fulfill the function of a stable investment during periods of economic uncertainty, but their limited availability combined with growing demand also gives them considerable value as sought-after collector’s items.

Example: Big Five Series I

An outstanding example of rare modern gold coins is the ” Big Five Series I “. This exclusive collector’s series from the South African Mint includes the five majestic animals: elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo. The special rate is currently being offered by a dealer for 36,500 euros. Alternatively, collectors can purchase all five animals individually packaged from us for 26,500 euros. The limited availability makes this series a true treasure for collectors worldwide.

Historical background

A coin’s history can significantly influence its value. Coins that commemorate significant historical events or depict famous people are often valued more highly than those with less significant motifs.

Examples of rare and collectible modern gold coins

1. Coins with errors

Coins that are marked by incorrect minting or incorrect engraving are characterized by their exceptional rarity and therefore achieve outstanding value. The precise irregularities created by such imperfections give these coins an unparalleled uniqueness, making them sought-after and one-of-a-kind collectibles.

2. Limited editions

Coins that are issued in limited editions quickly gain collector value. The Natura series is a prime example of limited editions with special prestige and embossing sets.

  • Natura Prestige Set of 4 Elephant 1996: 368 sets
  • Natura Prestige 4-coin set Buffalo 1997: 80 sets
  • Natura Prestige Set of 4 Leopard 1998: 500 sets
  • Natura – Big Five – Leopard – 1998 – Londo Lozi Special Edition – 1 oz Gold Proof: 300 pieces
  • Natura Millennium Set of 3 1999-2001 Monarchs of Africa: 200 sets
  • Natura Certified 4-coin set Giraffe 2006: 300 sets
  • Natura 2007 Launch Set The Eland Mintmark PP Gold Giants of Africa: 300 sets (probably only 250 copies officially put on sale)

3. Protea Series

The Protea Series also offers limited edition coins, including impressive examples such as:

  • Protea 1997 – The South African Woman (South Africa) – (Edition: 351)
  • Protea 1998 – The Year of the Child (Puzzle) Protea (Year of the Child) – (Edition: 298)
  • Protea 1999 – The Gold Miner Protea (Mining in South Africa) – (Circulation: 253)
  • Protea 2000 – The Wine Industry Protea (wine cultivation in South Africa) – (edition: 278)
  • Protea 2002 – Soccer (Bafana Bafana) Protea (Football) and World Summit On Sustainable Development – ​​(Circulation: 137)
  • Protea 2003 – Cricket World Cup Protea (Cricket World Cup) – (Circulation: 210)
  • Protea 2009 – South African National Anthem – (Edition: 377)
  • Protea 2010 – Nobel Prize for Literature, Nadine Gordimer (Nobel Prize for Literature by Nadine Gordimer) – (Circulation: 286)
  • Protea 2011 – Nobel Laureate for Literature, JM Coetzee Protea (Nobel Prize in Literature by JM Coetzee) – (Edition: 184)
  • Protea 2012 – The Sisulus Protea – (Edition: 251)

4. Libertad series

The Libertad series from Mexico presents low mintage coins including:

  • Libertad gold coin 2020 Proof 1 oz: 250 copies
  • Libertad Gold Coin 2021 Reverse Proof 1 oz: 500 copies
  • Libertad – 5 value gold coin set – Proof 2021: 250 copies

5. Historical coins

Numismatic pieces that represent significant historical events gain invaluable appreciation. A telling example of this are Mexican medals, particularly the “Mexico Cinco De Mayo Centenario Medal”. This impressive medal was minted in 1962 to honor the centennial of the Battle of May 5, 1862.

6. Saltpeter War

The Saltpeter War, also known as the Pacific War, left a lasting impact on the historiography of Chile, Peru and Bolivia. In memory of the heroic personalities of this eventful time, gold coins such as “Peru – 100,000 Soles de oro – 1979 – Miguel Grau” and “Peru – 100,000 Soles de oro – 1979 – Francisco Bolognesi – NGC MS67” serve as an impressive homage. These fascinating collectibles not only recount the historical events of the Saltpeter War, but also honor the bravery and sacrifice of the heroes who played a significant role in this era. Immerse yourself in the history of this region and let these unique gold coins take you into the fascinating world of collecting.


Rare and sought-after modern gold coins not only represent a financially attractive investment, but also stand out as cultural treasures. When purchasing such coins, it is important not only to keep an eye on the monetary aspect, but also to pay attention to their uniqueness, the potential increase in value and the historical background. In addition, other influencing factors such as minting quality, weight, purity and the current market situation play a decisive role and can significantly influence the collector’s value. Join us on a fascinating journey into the world of numismatics and let yourself be enchanted by the wide variety and timeless beauty of rare gold coins.

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