South African Mint collectible coins

Exclusive First Day of Issue, First Releases and Authentic Hand Signed editions graded by NGC

NGC , or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, is a reputable, independent grading service for coins, tokens and medals. NGC provides certification and grading services to collectors and dealers worldwide to ensure the authenticity and quality of their numismatic treasures.

One of the many ways NGC increases the value of collectibles is by offering special markings for coins that meet certain criteria. These markings include “First Day of Issue”, “First Releases” and “Authentic Hand Signed”.

What does “First Day of Issue” mean?

The “First Day of Issue” designation is given to coins that were purchased from a mint within one day of the official first day of sale of a new coin issue and subsequently submitted to NGC within one week of that issue date. In order to benefit from this special designation, collectors and dealers must apply for it upon special request and accept a higher appraisal fee. In NGC’s statistics, the “First Day of Issue” coins are listed separately. They are also qualified for inclusion in the NGC registry, which is popular with collectors. The “First Day of Issue” marking therefore represents confirmation that the coin is one of the first examples minted and issued by the mint, making it a particularly sought-after collector’s item.


South Africa Big Five 2019 – Lion – Series I – 1 oz Gold – NGC PF70 UCAM – First Day of Issue

South Africa Big Five 2019 – Lion – Series I – 1 oz Platinum – NGC PF70 UCAM – First Day of Issue

What are “First Releases”?

NGC offers the First Releases® designation for select coins submitted to NGC within the first 30 days of their release. The term “First Releases” is noted in the coin’s description on the NGC certification label. First release coins are listed separately in NGC statistics and are eligible for inclusion in the popular NGC registry.


Krugerrand 2017 50th Anniversary Gold NGC First Editions PF70 UCAM

Krugerrand 2017 50th Anniversary Prestige Set NGC First Releases 6 Gold Coins

What is a First Struck issue?

According to the NGC, “First Struck” coins are those that are among the first pieces produced by a mint. These coins are accompanied by official documentation from the respective mint, which confirms that the coins belong to the first mint. The NGC certification label informs that the coin contained in the capsule is one of the first examples struck by the mint. The label also records the total number of “First Struck” embossings, such as “One of First 600 Struck”. This special marking is only available for selected mass deliveries.

Example :

Krugerrand 2007 First Strike Set Proof Gold 4 coins

What does “Authentic Hand-Signed” mean?

When a coin is labeled “Authentic Hand-Signed,” it indicates that an important figure who played a key role in the design or manufacturing process of the coin signed it with their autograph. This person can be, for example, the designer, the engraver or another key person in the coin business. Coins bearing this special marking are extremely popular with collectors because they create a tangible connection to the history and craftsmanship of the coin.

The “Authentic Hand-Signed” labels issued by NGC provide collectors with the assurance that the autograph on the coin is the authentic signature of the person named on the label.

Example :

South Africa Big Five 2020 – Rhino – Series I – 1 oz Gold – NGC PF69 UCAM – First Day of Issue