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Part 5: The Benefits of Professional Valuation Services

  1. Introduction to NGC and PCGS
  2. Advantages of graded coins and encapsulation
  3. Professional Valuation Services FAQ

Importance of Coin Valuations

In modern numismatics, the authenticity and condition of a coin are central to its value. Professional valuation services provide objective judgments that provide guidance to collectors and investors.

Known quantities: NGC and PCGS

Two names dominate worldwide in coin grading: Numismatic Guaranty Corporation ( NGC ) and Professional Coin Grading Service ( PCGS ). Both have earned the trust of the numismatic community through their rigorous standards and consistency. While NGC has proven its accuracy and integrity since 1987, PCGS, founded in 1986, set new standards with its innovative encapsulation and unique rating scale.

Why reviews and encapsulations matter

  • Authenticity : Reviews from reputable services such as NGC and PCGS guarantee authenticity and protect against counterfeiting.
  • Objective assessment : These services use standardized scales, allowing for a neutral assessment.
  • Protection : “Slabbing” seals coins in secure containers, protecting them from damage and preserving their condition.
  • Market Value : Professionally graded coins often fetch higher prices because they are more transparent and trustworthy to buyers.
  • Education : The included labels allow collectors to learn more about coin grading.


In the world of modern numismatics, authenticity and condition primarily influence the value of a coin. It is particularly the grading services such as NGC and PCGS that stand out as reliable sources for objective coin valuations thanks to their strict standards and innovative techniques. By guaranteeing authenticity and providing objective condition assessments, they not only create trust among collectors and investors, but also increase the market value of the coins. In addition, the so-called “slabbing” encapsulation process not only protects the coins, but also serves as an educational tool for aspiring collectors.

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