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FAQ on the topic: Authentication of coins

Importance of Coin Authentication:

  1. Why is coin authentication so important? – Well, authentication confirms the authenticity of a coin. This is particularly important for collectors and investors, as they want to be confident in the true value and exact origin of the coin.
  2. How does successful authentication affect the coin value? – Once a coin is confirmed as authentic, its value can increase. This is because buyers and collectors have confidence in the authenticity and therefore the quality of the coin.

Common coin authentication methods and technologies:

  1. What means do experts use to authenticate coins? – Typically, experts use a mix of visual inspection, weight control, metallurgical analysis and, in some cases, more advanced techniques such as X-ray fluorescence.
  2. Are technological advances supporting the authentication process? – Without question! Modern tools, such as spectrometers or digital microscopes, are valuable helpers in detecting even the smallest deviations or irregularities in coins.

Detecting counterfeits and alterations:

How do you tell the difference between real and fake coins? – To put it bluntly, counterfeits often show inconsistencies in details, noticeable signs of wear or unsuitable materials. A trained eye is therefore essential. And with the support of modern technologies, these differences can be highlighted even more precisely.

What signs indicate that a coin has been altered? – Well, there are a number of signs. For example, new coins, changes or added details can be indications of manipulation. And here it is advantageous that precise inspections combined with technological instruments enable reliable detection.

How often do you come across counterfeit coins in everyday life? – This is actually variable. The value and rarity of the coin play a crucial role. You should be particularly careful with extremely sought-after or rare coins, as the risk of falling for a counterfeit tends to increase in these cases.

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