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FAQ about Professional Valuation Services:

Introduction to NGC and PCGS:

  1. What are NGC and PCGS? – NGC stands for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and PCGS stands for Professional Coin Grading Service. Both are leading companies that specialize in the professional evaluation and grading of coins.
  2. Why are NGC and PCGS so well known in the coin world? – These two service providers have made a name for themselves through their years of expertise and consistency in coin valuation. They set industry standards and are recognized by collectors and dealers worldwide.
  3. Is there a difference between NGC and PCGS? – While both companies offer similar services, they may vary in their evaluation criteria and methods. They also have different packaging and label designs. Nevertheless, both are considered reliable sources for coin valuations.

Professional Grading Services FAQ – Benefits of Graded Coins and Encapsulation:

  1. Why should I have my coins graded? – Grading coins provides an objective overview of their condition and value. Graded coins often attract higher prices in the market because buyers value the certified condition.
  2. What are the benefits of encapsulating my coins? – Encapsulated coins benefit from additional protection against physical damage, pollution and environmental influences. The capsule not only preserves the quality of the coin, but also facilitates safe storage and transportation.
  3. Does encapsulation affect the value of my coins? – Yes, and mostly positive! Encapsulated coins, especially when they come from reputable service providers like NGC or PCGS, often fetch higher prices because buyers value the included certificate of authenticity and protected storage.
  4. How does the encapsulation process work? – After professional graders determine the coin’s condition, they seal it in a clear, rigid plastic capsule. This capsule also typically contains a label with information about the coin and its grade.

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