Australia – the country and its gold coins

Australia - the country and its coins

Australia is located entirely in the southern hemisphere, between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, south of maritime Southeast Asia and north of Antarctica. Australia is the sixth largest country (7,617,930 km²) and occupies an entire continent.

Population: 25,890,773 (as of spring 2022)

Capital: Canberra (population: 467,194 (as of 2022))

Near the mainland is the largest sand island in the world, Fraser. It includes 1,840 km² of sand dunes.

The Australian dollar is the currency of Australia, issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Language: English, yet Australia is a linguistically and culturally diverse country with influences from more than 160 spoken languages. Other languages: Mandarin,

Arabic, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Tagalog/Filipino, Hindi.

The red kangaroo and the emu are the national animals of Australia. These animals have an interesting feature – they can not “walk backwards”. Like Australia, they only move forward!

The story about the origin of the kangaroo name is unconfirmed, simply put, a myth. Scientists do not rule out the possibility that James Cook may have actually asked the Aborigines for the name of the animal. According to the legend, they did not understand his speech and answered him in their national language “I do not understand”, which means “kangaroo”.

The kangaroo population in Australia is twice that of the general population.

Almost half of Australians live in three cities – Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Australia’s most famous landmark is the famous Sydney Opera House. The architect was inspired by the sight of an orange, and if you add up all the elements of the roof, you get a complete sphere.

Sights in Australia


Melbourne was the capital of Australia from 1901 to 1927. After that, the capital was moved to Canberra. In 1850, during the Victoria Gold Rush, Melbourne became the richest and largest city in the world. It’s easy to see why the city is called Australia’s cultural capital: There are galleries, museums, gardens and nature reserves.


Some of the best things to do in Sydney include exploring historic streets and museums, and shopping in beautiful markets and modern malls. This vibrant city is known for its yacht-lined harbor, beautiful beaches, and the legendary Opera House with its towering sail structure. In Sydney Sei have a choice of over 100 beaches around the city where visitors can enjoy water sports such as surfing, diving, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and jet boating. Top attractions in Sydney are: Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo Sydney, Coastal Walk from Bondi to Coogee, Manly Beach, Australian Museum, Sea Life Aquarium Sydney, Wild Life Zoo Sydney and Sydney Zoo.

Fraser is the largest sand island in the world and is located in Australia. There are over 100 freshwater lakes on the island. The largest sand dune on the island is over 244 meters high. Less than 400 people live on the island. Tempting as it may be, swimming in the ocean on Fraser Island is not recommended as it is too dangerous. Strong currents and sharks are just some of the risks that make it unsafe.


The appeal of Australia’s southernmost state is easy to understand. First, 40 percent of Tasmania is protected as National Parks and World Heritage Sites. Just 20 minutes outside the major cities (Hobart and Launceston), visitors can hike through the bush, bike down a spectacular mountain trail, or simply enjoy time on the beach. But Tasmania is not only something for nature lovers. There’s exceptional good food, gin and whiskey distilleries, nature reserves (where you can meet the endangered Tasmanian Devil), and a world-class art museum, the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).


Also known as Ayers Rock, is a large sandstone formation in central Australia.

When you take a look, it’s easy to understand why Uluru has become such an important symbol of local indigenous culture and Australian culture as a whole. The native Anangu tell of its spiritual significance. Climbing Uluru has been definitively banned since 2019. Until the ban, hundreds of thousands of tourists climbed Uluru every year – against the express wish of the traditional owners, the Anangu people. This played a role in the decision of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Board to unanimously ban the climb.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of Australia’s most incredible national parks. Kakadu National Park is best explored at your own pace by car. It is the largest national park in Australia (it covers more than 20,000 square kilometers). Cockatoo is a living cultural landscape. It has been the home of Aboriginal people for more than 65,000 years.

Kangaroo Island (Kangaroo Island)

Kangaroo Island is a living natural paradise, full of wilderness, wildlife and white sandy beaches. It is the third largest island of Australia. There are sugar-white beaches to explore, plenty of native wildlife to discover, and even a national park right on your doorstep. The Remarkable Rocks, located high above the sea in Flinders Chase National Park, live up to their name.

Far North Queensland

Far North Queensland is home to the largest living organism in the world. This underwater world, also known as the Great Barrier Reef, is literally the largest living thing on our planet, covering an area of over 348,700 km².

Broken Hill

Broken Hill is the oldest mining town in Australia with a colonial history dating back to the 1880s. The Line of Lode Miner’s Memorial rises above the landscape to commemorate the lives and work of more than 800 miners who lost their lives here. This impressive monument offers a magnificent view of the city.

The most famous Australian personalities of all time

Sam Worthington – actor

His first blockbuster was Avatar (2009), in which he played Jack Sully. This was his breakthrough on the international stage. He became one of the most famous Australians in Hollywood.

Rupert Murdoch – media mogul

Born in 1931, Keith Rupert Murdoch is the master of the media. He is one of the most famous Australians and businessmen. He built an empire and spread his business acumen across three continents. Murdoch also owns a film studio and a television station.

Cathy Freeman – athlete

Cathy Freeman (1973 -) was the first Aboriginal woman to sprint 400 meters at the Olympics. She is a great athlete who is also an activist against racism in Australia.

Cate Blanchett – actress

Cate Blanchett appeared on stage with the Sydney Theatre Company and then moved into television and film. Her first film role was the 1997 film Paradise Road. Later she had her big break in the movie Elizabeth. Her most famous films are Elizabeth, The Aviator, Lord of the Rings, Notes on a Scandal, The Talented Mr Ripley, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Ocean’s 8, Cinderella, etc.

Simon Baker – actor

Simon Baker (1969 -) is a familiar face on Australian television screens, playing roles in E Street, A Country Practice and Home and Away, among others, before being drawn to Hollywood.

After a shady role in the classic “L.A. Confidential” alongside Australians Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce, Baker starred in a series of films before landing a role on the television series “The Mentalist” that would become his trademark.

Miranda Kerr – Model

After attracting attention as a Victoria’s Secret angel in 2007, Miranda Kerr (1983 -) has become one of the most famous models in the world.

Nicole Kidman – actress and film producer

Nicole Kidman (1967 -) is an American and Australian actress and producer. She is known for her work in various film and television productions of different genres and is one of the highest paid actresses in the world. She has won numerous awards, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards and six Golden Globe Awards.

Gold coins from Australia – our favorites

Collectors interested in gold coins from Australia can consider themselves lucky. Because Australia offers many highlights that are in demand worldwide. Australian-made gold coins are minted by two mints, the Perth Mint and the Royal Australian Mint, ensuring a wide variety of sizes and designs. Australian gold coins are highly sought after by investors and collectors due to their high gold content, exceptional quality and various sizes.

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Australian gold coins occupy a prominent position in the world of numismatics and precious metals investment. With their iconic design, exceptional quality and historical significance, these coins continue to spark the interest of collectors and investors alike. Australian gold coins are sought for their intrinsic value or admired for their beauty and cultural significance, and are prized possessions that stand the test of time.

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