Why Гознак/Goznak and not ГоСзнак/Gosznac?

Гознак: A name with history

Гознак: A name with history

Гознак (Goznak) is a term that will be familiar to many people in Russia and beyond. But what exactly is behind this name? And why is it so often misspelled? In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating history of Гознак and reveal the secrets behind his unique spelling.

Goznak: A company with a long tradition

Goznak is a Russian state-owned company based in Moscow that can look back on a long and traditional history. As early as 1818, the “Expedition for the Production of Government Papers” (Expedition for the Production of Government Papers) was founded. Over time, the company developed into a major manufacturer of banknotes, coins, passports, stamps and other securities for the Russian state, but also for foreign states and companies.

The meaning behind the name

The name “Гознак” consists of two parts:

  • “Го” : This part of the word indicates that the company belongs to the state.
  • “Знак” : This part of the word means “sign” and refers to the main task of the company, namely the development and production of state signs such as banknotes, passports and postage stamps.

Why without “С”?:

Many people make the mistake of writing Гознак with a “С” instead of an “О”. But this spelling is wrong. The explanation for this lies in the company’s history.

On July 6, 1919, the People’s Commissar for Finance of the RSFSR issued a decree on the “Management of factories producing state signs”. This document marks the birth of the company we know today as “Гознак”.

At the same time, the new administration received a telegram abbreviation: ГОЗНАК. In order to avoid errors in telegraphy, people tried not to use consecutive consonants in telegram addresses. For this reason, the spelling “Госзнак” was not practical.

From telegram abbreviation to official name

Over time, the Telegram abbreviation became the official name of the company. This year the company celebrates its 105th anniversary under the name “Goznak”, while the joint-stock company “Goznak” itself celebrates its 206th anniversary this year.


The spelling “Гознак” with an “О” instead of a “С” is not just a coincidence, but has an interesting historical reason. It reminds us of the company’s beginnings and its close connection to Russian history.

Гознак : A name that stands for quality, tradition and innovation.