Prepper: Always prepared for the next disaster

Prepper preparing for the crisis

The prepper scene is known for stockpiling food and building shelters. Although perceptions vary widely across society, there is more to it than an irrational fear of catastrophe. Rather, prepping is about preparing for extraordinary situations like pandemics or days of power outages . The fact that this approach is justified is demonstrated whenever crises of various kinds occur. In Europe alone, there are said to be more than one million preppers who are currently preparing for emergencies.

What is a prepper? – Meaning and definition

The term “prepper” is derived from the English word “(to prepare)” and means something like “to prepare” . In general, it is understood as a person who specifically prepares for disasters and crises. What these preparatory measures look like can vary greatly. A simple measure is to practice fighting techniques and skills for your own protection. Mostly, however, this also involves stockpiling. Preppers who want to be fully prepared, on the other hand, invest in elaborate technical equipment. These can be generators, water filtration systems or weapons, for example. How extensive the preparations for an emergency are always depends on the individual prepper. However, even simple crisis preparation increases your own chances in a crisis situation.

Still, you’re not immediately considered a prepper as soon as you store some food in your basement. Rather, it is a self-designation and often involves a decision to join the prepper scene.

The origins of the prepper movement: How long have preppers been around?

The prepper scene in Germany has existed since the early 2000s. The reason for this was the so-called Y2K problem. At the time, many people feared that computers would not survive the changeover to the new millennium. The assumption was that this could result in a major disaster for the general population. Preppers in Germany and other countries therefore tried to prepare for this event in the best possible way.

In fact, the prepper scene is not the first group to address such issues. The fact that some people deliberately stockpile supplies and equip themselves with weapons already existed before in the USA. There, this movement was initially known as “survivalism . The new name was intended to distinguish the preppers from the right-wing terrorists , as this term had negative connotations .

Even before the Survalists, preppers were not uncommon in Germany and around the world. At that time, however, taking special precautions did not have a technical term. Nor was it a marginal social group or movement. Rather, security measures were often a consequence of the (Cold) War. Most families at that time were directly affected by the historical events. As a result, they did everything they could to prepare as well as possible for new crisis situations . So “prepping” was initially a habit that arose primarily out of fear.

By the way, prepping has actually been around for many centuries. At that time, long-distance travelers wrote down in their books how travelers could survive in foreign lands. This knowledge served as preparation for all those who traveled to other countries. At the same time, it was the basis for surviving in crisis situations.

The current prepper scene – in Germany and worldwide

Little is known about the prepper scene in Germany. While research has been going on in the US since the 1970s , that is not the case here. It is therefore also difficult to quantify how many people in this country see themselves as preppers and take active measures. However, one suspects. that there are at least 100,000 people involved. Worldwide, there is talk of a movement with several million followers. This primarily includes preppers who stockpile food in case of a crisis. But preppers with special equipment for emergencies are also part of it. In both cases, preppers ensure they are as prepared as possible in the event of an emergency.

In general, it can be said that prepping has quite plausible reasons: For preppers, the meaning of a crisis is real. This is because they can often draw on relevant first-hand experience. This means that many of them were able to gain their own experience with crises. Still others have close family members who can tell of such times. Collective crisis experiences such as the Corona pandemic, economic crises, or terrorist attacks also underscore the importance of these measures for preppers.

Political attitudes and beliefs of the prepper scene

The fact that preppers stash food or technical equipment does not necessarily go hand in hand with political positioning. Not all preppers in Germany are politically motivated or belong to the lateral thinker movement, for example:

  • Preppers are not a homogeneous group: This means: Basically, every person can become a prepper. Factors such as political views, school education or financial means often play no role.
  • Of course, there are also preppers here in Germany who hold extreme views. However, such representatives can be found in many areas. Rather, the prepper scene is a mirror of society as a whole.
  • In recent years, preppers in Germany have increasingly distanced themselves from extreme groups. So for most preppers, prepping is a way to protect themselves in crisis situations. Only a few want to make a political statement

Nevertheless, there are always suspicions that the preppers in Germany might show extremist tendencies. For this reason, there are often doubts about prepping. At the same time, even government advises the population to stockpile to a lesser extent and take protective measures. However, here we are talking more about a period of about two weeks. “Real” preppers , however, prepare for much longer crisis situations. This includes stockpiling supplies that they can live on for several months if need be.

Conclusion: It is by no means possible to make sweeping statements about the political opinion of preppers in Germany. Of course, there are lateral thinkers among them, people with more extreme views, or even concerned parents. The scene is a cross-section of almost the entire society. To avoid the prevailing accusations, the operators of prepper sites avoid any kind of political positioning. You will therefore find neither right-wing nor left-wing radical ideas on these Internet platforms.

Bunkers, lists and vehicles: how preppers prepare for potential disasters

The typical checklist and shopping list for preppers includes food, technical equipment and vehicles. However, many preppers supplement their preparations by building special bunkers or seeking other safe shelters.

Vehicles and means of transport

A vehicle is of immense importance in the event of a disaster. How such a prepper car should look, of course, depends on various factors. However, only models that can be used in rough ter rain are suitable for use as prepper vehicles. The most suitable for this purpose are off-road vehicles, which can pass even almost impassable sections of the road.

In addition, you should equip the prepper car with the necessary equipment. Of course, this includes a well-prepared bug-out bag. However, it is not all that a properly prepared prepper should have with them. The so-called bug-out vehicle should contain important tools that have little space in the prepper backpack. These include:

  • Toolbox
  • Repair kit for the tires
  • Spare tire, wheel cross and jack
  • Air compressor
  • portable jump starter
  • Flashlight with interchangeable batteries

In addition to these essential tools, many preppers rely on other useful accessories. Sufficient water to drink, a warm blanket and the legally required first aid kit should also not be missing. In this way, the preppers are at least equipped with the bare essentials in the event of warnings . This allows them to go directly to their safe haven .

Food and things of everyday life

As a rule, preppers are prepared for any crisis situation. Therefore, the optimal prepper supply consists of much more than a few cans of ravioli. Rather, the prepper shopping list also includes numerous healthy foods. Finally, a balanced diet is important to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients. Nevertheless, you will of course not find any fresh food in a typical Prepper cellar, only long-life food .

In addition, preppers often cannot prepare food as usual in the event of an emergency. Therefore, a gas stove with sufficient gas supply is also necessary. Finally, it should be possible to prepare the individual ingredients into a nutritious meal. A basic recommendation is to have 2,200 calories for each person per day . How to realize this amount is often a mystery to aspiring preppers. That’s why there are now special online calculators that calculate food quantities for preppers. It can then be used to create practical grocery lists. The advantage: You know exactly what you should store in your cellar or bunker and in what quantities in order to make ends meet for a longer period of time.

Good to know: To avoid problems, preppers should always check their food. This includes replacing cans before they expire. In particular, tons of flour or legumes should be regularly checked for shelf life.

Of course, for preppers, food isn’t everything. Medication should also be available in sufficient quantities. Anyone who regularly takes medicines should have these tablets in stock. In addition, however, other medication supplies are useful. Antibiotics and painkillers are particularly important. Disinfectants, plasters and bandages should also be on every prepper’s list.

The everyday necessities continue to include clothing and hygiene items. In addition, it does not hurt to keep things in the bunker for mental occupation. While such items have no place in the bug-out backpack, the shelter usually provides ample storage space for them.

Bunkers and safe places

The prepper bunker is a dream for many, increasing the chances of survival in a worst-case scenario . Building such a bunker is not always easy for preppers. Finally, high expenditures are expected for these protection systems. A prepper bunker should definitely protect against the following hazards:

  • NBC hazards and warfare agents
  • Direct and indirect weapon impact
  • Natural disasters
  • Electromagnetic and nuclear electromagnetic pulses
  • Thermal protection
  • Forcible entry
  • Debris and splinter effect
  • Contamination protection

If it is not possible to build your own bunker, there is another alternative: namely, to look for a place that is as safe as possible in the immediate vicinity . It should be large enough to shelter your own family there. Still, most preppers prefer a private sanctuary. There is a good reason for this: these safe places are in principle also available to other people. In a crisis situation, however, supplying a large group can be problematic, depending on the scenario. Larger groups also require much more extensive preparation, and not only in terms of supplies.

By the way, for a place to be considered relatively safe for preppers, it must meet a variety of criteria. Which aspects must be fulfilled depends, of course, on the crisis case at hand. Nevertheless, preppers take into account factors such as.

  • the proximity to smaller villages
  • the distance to the coast
  • possible tectonic activities
  • and the geographical environment

When looking for a safe place, preppers prefer to choose locations outside of major cities. Ideally, the location is one to two days’ walk from the nearest town.

It is also particularly important that such areas allow for self-sufficiency. Thus, the area should be arable. Apart from that, the place must provide sufficient protection from extreme weather conditions and attackers . These conditions make finding a safe place in the immediate area nearly impossible. For this reason, preppers usually rely on a bunker on their own property.

Lists for emergencies

Even before preppers receive warnings about potential incidents, the most important items should already be in place. But what should the prepper cellar ideally be equipped with? When setting up the bunker, it is useful to look for existing lists.

Such instructions and recommendations can be found on most relevant portals for preppers. It is obvious that a prepper bunker has significantly more space than a backpack. The latter should be used primarily when you need to leave their place of protection. The following list may be helpful in assembling prepper supplies:

  • For preppers is food for at least two weeks
  • Drinks should also be available for this period.
  • Clothing for different weather conditions
  • Equipment for sleeping, including pillows and blankets
  • Energy, heat and light (this includes candles and matches).
  • Hygiene articles
  • Gas stove and related accessories
  • Means for communication, including a battery-operated radio radio
  • Devices for sending emergency signals.
  • Tools and other aids that can be used to perform everyday tasks.
  • First aid kit
  • Prophylactic protection for the body
  • Defense items
  • Means of payment, preferably in the form of precious metals

However, your own vehicle often does not offer enough storage space for such a large number of objects. Therefore, less luggage is appropriate for the journey . An Escape backpack always includes only the most important utensils for the way to the safe house. Therefore, you should also find out what items such a backpack should contain.

Additional luggage in the vehicle is not negligible. This is because it may not be possible to reach your own shelter. With the right equipment, however, preppers are also optimally prepared for this situation.

Gold as part of the prepper equipment: The ideal currency in times of crisis

The ideal prepper equipment includes many different aspects: From food to a suitable vehicle to modern technology. In prepper stores you can find many useful tools for crisis situations. Nevertheless, it is important that you consider one more point when prepping – namely, possible means of payment.

This is because, depending on the nature of the crisis, there may be problems with current means of payment. This is not only the case when the power supply suddenly ceases. Inflation shows time and again that currency devaluation presents people with an immense problem. So as a prepper, you need a means of payment other than cash or the debit or credit card.

It is best to rely on a crisis-proof reserve currency. These include, in particular, precious metals such as gold or silver. They are not only a popular investment strategy for investors. Prepper gear for the home should also include some contingent of precious metals. Unlike shares, paper money or interest products, silver and especially gold coins retain their value. Of course, it is impossible to estimate in advance how high this will be in the event of an emergency. Nevertheless, it is the purchase of gold and co. a sensible investment that represents an important hedge during globally turbulent times.

By the way: another special feature of gold is its durability: precious metals even survive floods thanks to their high resistance. This is a decisive advantage over traditional paper money. Smaller denominations are best. These can be exchanged for food or hygiene items as needed. That’s why no prepper’s backpack should be without coins. This way they are always at hand, even if you are in a hurry. Among the most famous specimens are the Krugerrand, the Maple Leaf, the China Gold Panda and the Philharmonic.

Provision for the day X: Buy gold – in the Rarecoin online store

Day X will arrive at some point. Preppers are sure of that. This is exactly what makes prepping for a crisis so important in their eyes. However, for preppers, emergency equipment is not everything. Depending on the crisis situation, it may be necessary to buy or exchange goods. In the event of a blackout, preppers should definitely opt for a crisis-proof currency. Gold, in the form of valuable gold coins or bars, is always a good option here.

The value of a gold bar depends on several factors, especially its size and purity. But the current price of gold also has a decisive influence here. If you want to fall back on gold for an emergency, you should always opt for a smaller denomination. This may be, for example, rare gold coins. The reason is that they are more suitable as a means of payment than a complete gold bar.

At Rarecoin you can get different silver and gold coins, the value of which increases or at least remains the same in times of crisis. Therefore, coins are always good form of investment. Rare collectibles in particular, such as the Krugerrand, Maple Leaf and China Panda , retain their value even when the price of fiat money falls.

In addition, at Rarecoin you can not only buy gold, but also sell parts of your coin collection. Selling your existing collection makes sense especially if you want to buy rare specimens . These can serve you as a reliable means of payment in case of emergency.

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