Goldanalytix GoldScreenCard

The Goldanalytix GoldScreenCard is a coin validator with an extensive database. It helps the user to quickly and reliably detect gold and silver coin counterfeits, with no waiting time between each measurement. A measurement takes only about 3-10 seconds. A high throughput is possible here. Another advantage is the high penetration depth (up to 4 mm). The database of the GoldScreenCard also includes platinum and palladium coins, which allows the device to be used universally.

With the Goldanalytix GoldScreenCard (GSC) you can quickly and easily test gold and silver coins for authenticity. Simply place the coin on the GoldScreenCard and in a second you will have certainty. The sensor measures far inside the coin and detects foreign metal inclusions up to 4 mm deep without damaging the coin. In comparison, an expensive XRF device (cost: > 10,000 euros) measures only up to 10 µm (= 0.01 mm) deep into the coin. Each coin has its own “fingerprint” on the GSC. That means with the help of the included database you can check a variety of common bullion coins, such as the Krugerrand for authenticity in seconds. The Goldscreencard not only acts as a gold testing device but is also suitable for testing silver coins, platinum coins or palladium coins.

For comprehensive measurements with graphical display of measured values, simply operate the GoldScreenCard using the supplied software (for MS Windows) and a PC. Individual measured values can also be included in the database.

If you have any questions about this device, you are very welcome to contact us via our contact form.

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