Density scale – DensityScreenScale

In this blog post, we will introduce you to the Goldanalytix Density Scale – DensityScreenScale. The DensityScreenSclae is a density scale from Goldanalytix for density determination of (precious) metals. It can measure objects weighing up to 1.5 kg and determines the density of metals according to Archimedes’ principle. The advantage of the scale is that it allows a quick measurement of 1 minute. Likewise, it has density software from Goldanalytix for even more convenient use. With this, the DensityScreenScale performs a universal test method – even irregular geometries or surfaces are no problem for it!

The Goldanalytix density scale – detecting counterfeits made easy – compact and space-saving

You want to buy jewelry, bars or coins – but are they real?

The DensityScreenScale is an important test instrument for clarifying this question. For example, a gold-plated brass bar differs from the density of pure gold. The density is determined according to the time-honored method of Archimedes. To do this, the object is weighed with a sieve under water and once “normal” and the measurement is ready! From the two different values, the density can be determined immediately in the Goldanalytix density software on the computer or manually using a simple calculator formula.


Performing a measurement is very simple and the density value is quickly determined. In this way, you gain insight into the quality and karat number of gold, or even initial indications of the possible presence of counterfeits. Determining the density of geometrically very irregular objects is thus no problem. In addition to bars and coins, you can also easily examine cutlery or jewelry for their specific weight. Fill the scale container with water and you’re ready to go. After the measurement is done, you can calculate the density in seconds.

The results are precise and accurate – just as you have come to expect from Goldanalytix. The DensityScreenScale can also be operated excellently by inexperienced users.

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